Is George Clooney being considered for the role of Steve Jobs

first_imgWe aren’t ones to typically indulge in Hollywood gossip, but this one is hard to ignore. You have probably heard by now that Walter Isaacson’s landmark biography Steve Jobs is being made into a movie. We can think of a handful of film actors who would be ideal for the role of the late Apple co-founder — and George Clooney is certainly not among them. However, somebody in Hollywood may think he is, as the A-lister is reportedly being strongly considered for the role.The story says that the “battle” for the role (negotiations and/or auditions) has come down to two men: Clooney and his former ER co-star Noah Wyle (right). The source is saying that the biopic is set to start filming next year, which — whether these reports are true or not — would mean that the casting process is likely already taking place.Most consider George Clooney to be a strong actor, but… as Steve Jobs?? Clooney’s appearance and energy lean more towards handsome, Cary Grant-esque leading man. The Jobs role will require someone who captures the temperamental, wiry, vegan computer nerd that Jobs could be.Not your typical character actor, Clooney also isn’t usually one to transform himself for roles. Does he capture the emotional and psychological reality of his characters? Sure. Does he look like the same George Clooney in a different costume for every one of them? Pretty much. Even with one of his most extreme character roles — Everett in O Brother, Where Art Thou? — he was pretty much George Clooney with a Southern accent, a moustache, and some dirt on his face.If the race really has come down to the two former ER co-stars, then Wyle would certainly have a more appropriate look. He has also already played Jobs once before, to great acclaim, in The Pirates of Silicon Valley. He isn’t an A-list star and probably wouldn’t be the most marketable choice, but he could pull it off.My personal hope is that somewhere Edward Norton is being considered for the role. The Fight Club and American History X star is not only a versatile actor, but he can perfectly capture the violent mood swings, laser-beam focus, and wicked intelligence that is required to play Jobs. He’s mature enough to play an older, fragile Jobs, but is still baby-faced enough to pull off the more youthful scenes. The accomplished actor has never won an Oscar, and this role would give him his best shot.While sometimes the most unexpected casting decisions can make for the most memorable performances (Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight, Ben Kingsley in Sexy Beast), we wouldn’t bank on George Clooney being the best choice for the role of Steve Jobs. Let’s hope this rumor is nothing more than hot Hollywood air.via 9to5Mac, The Sunlast_img read more

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