Wearing ties too tight can damage your eyesight

first_imgWearing ties too tight can damage your eyesightOn 5 Aug 2003 in Personnel Today Previous Article Next Article Comments are closed. Advocatesof dressing down in the office have been handed more ammunition after newresearch reveals that wearing a tie can damage your eyesight.Astudy in the British Journal of Ophthalmology finds that wearing a tieincreases the danger of the serious eye condition glaucoma, which can severelyaffect vision.Tightnessaround the neck restricts the jugular vein, which raises blood pressure,particularly in the eyeball. Glaucoma occurs when liquid excreted  from around the lens and the iris cannot drainproperly, and the optic nerve can be damaged.Thestudy said: “A tight necktie can be considered a risk factor [for] men whoprefer to wear tight neckties, men with thick necks and white-collarprofessionals.”Researchersin New York have found that 60 per cent of those studied with glaucoma, and 70per cent of those with healthy eyes suffered an increase in internal eyepressure after wearing a tie for three minutes. Related posts:No related photos.last_img read more

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