Kindle Fire preorders exceeding 2000 per hour

first_imgAmazon does not readily share its sales figures, but much to the annoyance of Jeff Bezos, someone working for the company has decided to leak details of just how many people are pre-ordering the Kindle Fire. The numbers are simply staggering.According to leaked screens from Amazon’s Availability Lookup and SKU Aggregator (Alaska) system, used internally for tracking stock, in the first 5 days pre-orders were available, 250,000 Kindle Fires were snapped up. That’s an average of over 2,000 every single hour, and if it continues, Amazon needs to have at least 2.5 million ready for launch on November 15.If Amazon really is making $50 per Kindle Fire sale that translates to $125 million in revenue on day one (if it can fulfill orders). Now add to that the amount of content 2.5 million consumers using these tablets will purchase, plus the ongoing sales of the device as we head into the end-of-year shopping period, and this already looks to be both an instant hit and very profitable piece of hardware for Amazon.We have to assume interest in the Kindle Fire will only grow as launch day approaches, especially if Amazon starts advertising the tablet heavily. But one thing is already clear: the Kindle Fire will easily surpass the launch of the iPad if these pre-order figures are correct. The original iPad only achieved 1 million sales in its first month. That may be an unfair comparison, however, as Apple was launching the first real tablet on to the market where as Amazon is entering a market full of consumers who already know what they are and want one.The flip side to all this may upset a few eager consumers who want Amazon’s tablet: if you haven’t pre-ordered the Kindle Fire yet it’s looking doubtful you will get one in the post next month.Read more at Cult of Androidlast_img read more

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