Top Tips for Remote Workers

first_imgWith employees increasing looking for flexibility in how they manage work and home life and the inexorable rise of house prices and subsequent commutes it is no wonder that remote working is on most people’s wish list. If you have snagged a job with either full time or occasional remote working then here are some tips on how to make it a success for you.1 – The first tip, don’t call it “working from home”. Despite all best efforts and evidence to the contrary “working from home” sounds too domestic. It conjures up images of someone putting on the laundry, popping a chicken in the oven and answering email all at the same time. Remote working sounds much more dynamic. Same thing. Different language.2 – Set a regular routine. For most people, the problem with remote working is rarely not doing enough work but doing too much work. Anxious to prove that you are a valuable employee working all the hours most remote workers run the risk of never taking regular breaks or eating a proper lunch. The other problem with working from home is the temptation to just “quickly check email” first thing in the morning. If you are not careful you will still be sitting there in your pyjamas come 11 o’clock wondering what that strange smell is. Hint: It is you.3 – Have a proper office space. Ideally with a door. No one can do effective work if they first need to find said work under a football kit. The other piece of advice is to invest in a proper monitor and keypad so you aren’t all hunched up over your laptop. As I write this I am of course hunched up over my laptop so do as I say and not as I do. What I did invest in though is a really good, corporate grade printer. This was expensive but invaluable for reviewing contracts, reading documentation etc.. Decide what is important for you and invest in it accordingly.4 – No social media or useless gossip/ sports pages. If you think this will be an issue there is a great app called “StayFocused” it is a Google Chrome extension and it is completely free. It allows you to spend only a set amount of time on certain sites and also has a nuclear option which can block a site in its entirety. That said if you think this is going to be a really big problem for you then you may need to rethink remote working in its entirety.5 – Lean into your working style. Remote working is a great way to manage not just your time but your energy. Freed from the constraints of a cubicle work the hours which suits you best in terms of different tasks. If you are a “lark” and concentrate best in the morning then set the morning time aside for deep and concentrated work. Similarly, if you are an “owl” lean into that and do more admin tasks and meetings in the morning.6 – Define what it is you need to get done. Remote working works best when you have clear, definable tasks which produce a tangible outcome. If the work is more subjective then it becomes harder to define (and ultimately charge for).7 – Before deciding to work remotely make sure you have all the technology you need. Most applications these days are in the cloud and Trello, Slack & Google Hangouts are all great for communicating with bigger teams. Have a backup plan for what happens if your wi-fi goes down. I find the personal hotspot on my phone is super reliable and never lets me down. It is a solid Plan B.8 – Be careful not to become isolated. A few days of quiet work at home can be wonderful. But if you start to feel lethargic and disinterested it could be loneliness creeping in. Take time to meet people in person regularly. Also, if possible, visit the office and make sure everyone knows the great work you are doing.9 – Remote working is not to be confused with child minding. Tempting though it may be to combine the two and save on astronomical childcare fees that are really not a long term option. It is not fair on you, your kids or your employers. Kids are spontaneous and unplanned. Work rarely is.10 – Don’t be an asshole. If you need to leave the house and work from a coffee shop or hotel lobby to avail of their free wi-fi for the day then be considerate. This means working quietly in a corner, regularly ordering food and drink and leaving a tip. It does not mean spreading yourself out, having booming work calls on your phone and ordering nothing but a tea. As my mother says; be nice, it costs nothing. Finally, if you are interested in jobs with more flexibility that offer remote working then check out read more

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Worldhotels welcomes unique Dutch hotelship

first_imgThe ss Rotterdam in the Netherlands Worldhotels has welcomed the ‘unique’ ss Rotterdam, a floating hotel-ship located in the Dutch city of the same name.More than fifty years after its maiden voyage, the flagship of the Holland America Line fleet has taken a prime, and permanent berth at Katendrecht in the heart of Rotterdam.Designed to reflect its 1950’s origins, the floating hotel features a distinctive shape and colour scheme throughout its 254 modern rooms.Worldhotels’ executive vice president Asia Pacific, Roland Jegge, said the ss Rotterdamn reflected another fantastic first for the Worldhotels group.“The ship holds an iconic position in the maritime tradition of the Netherlands, and in the last two years it has become an insider’s tip for travellers visiting Rotterdam for business or pleasure.” Source = e-Travel Blackboard: K.Wlast_img read more

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The Personal Touch

first_imgAdvantage MarketingMarketing in the mortgage industry has evolved over the past 20 years. There was a time when sales managers would print leads and hand them out to the sales floor, and the loan consultants would have three folders on their desk for hot, warm, and cold leads. The rest would take care of itself (or not). Today, lead management systems are driving automated contact strategies, lead routing is more intelligent and based on scoring algorithms, and auto-dialers blaze through calling thousands of leads faster than you can say, “Let’s get you locked in before rates jump again.” When a lead is delivered into a lender’s ecosystem, the consumer enters marketing automation purgatory—receiving hundreds of auto- mated calls, emails, and texts for months and months. Marketers are expending a lot of resources to reach out to as many consumers as possible, in many ways, multiple times each, unaware of their current level of interest and contact preferences. This is the worst-case example of “lead-based” marketing—and it has grown expensive, stale, and unappreciated (to say the least) by the consumer. in Daily Dose, Featured, News, Origination October 19, 2018 557 Views People-based marketing has helped improve conversions, create a better customer experience, and save valuable marketing and operational dollars through efficiency gains. Add rich data insights and lenders will drive more timely and relevant interactions with their consumers while driving increased revenue to their bottom line. As a lender, you’ve talked to a lot of people about their mortgage options over the years, and many of them probably slipped through your fingers. They may have gone with another lender, decided not to buy a house, or simply become distracted and decided refinancing wasn’t a high-enough priority for them to set aside the time. Whatever the reason, wouldn’t you like to know when they become interested in that mortgage again so you can time your outreach perfectly? You would probably like to have additional insights about:which customers in your portfolio are shopping around online;whether your aged leads are continuing to shop for a lender;which consumers have high intent (high interest versus window shoppers) and should receive more aggressive marketing; andwhich consumers aren’t ready to buy and are an inefficient use of marketing dollars and time.If lenders knew all this, they could drive more relevant conversations and experience better outcomes, resulting in more funding. Protecting a portfolio takes a few simple, yet effective steps. By blending people-based marketing with rich data insights, lenders can tell if their stale lead has re-entered the market before they show signs of intent that the competition can see.Protecting Your PortfolioServicers may have won the battle to acquire a new customer, but they won’t grow a successful business by just passively sitting back and collecting mortgage payments. Knowing which customers are at risk of leaving the portfolio for a new mortgage lender and then engaging them to retain their business is a vital part of growth and profitability. Acquiring early signals of in-market activity not seen by other lenders shines a spotlight on which customers are expressing interest in a new mortgage before they talk to another lender. This creates opportunities to maintain pro t-margin goals while greatly im- proving portfolio retention rates. Attitudinal and Behavioral DataAttitudinal data is information about how a person feels toward a product, service, or their experience with a lender. Simply put, it reflects their attitudes. This dataset is used to form consumer profiles that help the marketer understand how a customer typically buys. Are they a techie who will love the digital mortgage- application process? Will your direct-mail piece immediately go in the recycling bin? Will they be receptive and responsive to text messages? Knowing a consumer’s preferences enables a more in- depth experience and optimization that results in higher-quality conversations and engagements. Behavioral data is the champion of predicting outcomes and delivering insights based on specific consumer actions. This data set provides clarity on the consumer’s changing intent throughout the buying journey. Are they just curious about today’s 30-year fixed rate? Do their actions indicate they are ready to buy now? Are they a “window shopper” or seriously considering their options? What time of the day is best to reach them? Lenders can spend a fortune on marketing to potential customers and can put an enormous effort into optimizing lead management strategies for maximum returns. Studies have analyzed performance relative to speed-to-contact attempts, and the quickest mortgage lenders achieve a mind-blowing four seconds between the time they receive the consumer inquiry and when they dial the consumer. This unprecedented need for speed-to-contact has caused industry marketers to quote Ricky Bobby, Will Ferrell’s character in “Talladega Nights,” by saying, “If you ain’t first, you’re last.” But with the robust amount of data available to lenders, this is no longer the case. Industry-leading marketers are now focusing on the people behind the lead. They are tailoring their outreach optimized to the likelihood a person will respond positively. People-based marketers are playing chess while others are playing checkers, with the cost of acquiring a new customer improv- ing substantially as a result.Onboarding and taking action on unique data sets are no longer overwhelming tasks. Lenders share basic consumer information with their DaaS partners to unlock an array of complex and valuable insights delivered in a simple and actionable manner. Regardless of a lender’s level of data sophistication, there are a few predefined ways to take action: simple, matrix, or artificial intelligence (AI). Here’s how each of these models works: Editor’s Note: This piece originally appeared in the October MReport, click here to view the full issue. Credit triggers are one solution for measuring a consumer’s intent. Unfortunately, it also means they’ve likely selected another lender and are late in the buying cycle. The same goes for MLS listing alerts. So many lenders subscribe to these services that it’s a rat race and difficult to achieve success relying on these as your sole source of behavioral data. However, there are newer sources of behavioral data points available with in-market indicators available well before a credit trigger. These will give you a leg up on the competition, such as time spent on a mortgage-related website, the number of visits to these sites over time, when those visits occurred, and more. These data points are indicators of a consumer’s likelihood to start the mortgage process and can drive optimally timed calls, emails, and texts. Driving Better Results Share The Personal Touch Simple models combine a basic understanding of different groups by quadrants. The consumer is either high or low value, with high or low in-mar- ket activity creating four buckets of high/high, high/low, low/high, and low/low. It deploys a unique contact strategy for each group. This upfront effort to move away from a one-size-fits-all strategy will pay dividends.Matrix combinations create even more groupings. For example, a four-by-four matrix will create 16 buckets that are more granular and can include details such as a preferred method of contact and in-market activity. Testing and optimizing these buckets is where the real magic lies. A healthy amount of focus is required to execute a matrix strategy, but the bene t to the customer experience generates far greater rewards.Though marketers widely discuss AI, it remains a mystery to many. This hyperpersonalized approach is very tempting (and sounds really cool) but is currently limited to lenders with deep pockets and resources. However, the industry is looking at ways to make AI capabilities more accessible for everyday lenders.Gaining a clear view of customers and their preferences is what elevates lender performance in today’s mortgage environment. It’s becoming easier than ever to connect your consumer information with additional data sets in order to paint a complete picture of the consumer with whom you are trying to create or deepen your relationship. DaaS Data HOUSING Jornaya Lending Mike Eshelman mortgage 2018-10-19 Rachel Williams Today, top marketers are driving results, especially in mortgage, with data-driven tactics using behavioral and attitudinal data sets. This data is being incorporated into contact strategies to create more sophisticated and individualized interactions that generate a positive response. This methodology is called “people-based” marketing. It revolves around insights from a growing set of simple, easy- to-understand data outputs that allow lenders to deliver the right message to the right consumer at the right time in the right medium. The results have been astounding, and the customer experience is dramatically improved, resulting in higher conversion rates. Data is the key to consumer insights, and the data-as-a-service (DaaS) industry is creating an ocean of information available to lenders to help take marketing engagements and contact strategy to the next level.With activities such as investigating rates and online comparison shopping now possible, lenders could represent opportunities to acquire, retain, or grow that customer relationship. Jornaya research reveals that, on average, consumers are shopping for a loan 170 days before they sign closing documents. One in three new leads continues shopping for a lender in the 90 days after filling out an online quote form. When used correctly, this type of data can provide the competitive advantage lenders need to thrive in this new mortgage environment.last_img read more

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Nick Saban on the new recruiting calendar I dont think these

first_imgEvery coach who feels so inclined has had ample time now to give his thoughts on the NCAA’s new recruiting and hiring rules, a list that now includes Nick Saban.The SEC began its annual spring meetings in Destin on Tuesday, and Saban took his turn at the podium to criticize the new recruiting calendar which calls for a December 20-22 signing period and official visits in April, May and June.“If we’re going to have an early signing date (December) is the best one we can have, but the fear is that that will become the Signing Day,” he said. “By having an early signing date, now everything revolves around December 20, and that’s everybody wanting to take visits during the season — which is not the best time to take official visits — or now we have to change the recruiting calendar and have April, May and June, which we’re considering now to have official visits.”Earlier Tuesday Bret Bielema estimated between 75 and 90 percent of his class would sign in December, lending credence to the theory The Third Wednesday in December would become the new First Wednesday in February. Most estimates hover between 60 and 70 percent of players are committed and ready to sign by December, hence the December signing day. This indicates not much would have to change to accommodate the new signing period. Or maybe it says we could do the December signing period without the spring and summer official visits. AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Sponsored By Connatix Saban certainly thinks so.“To be honest with you, as hard as you think I work, I like the fact that from June 17 to July 15 our guys are on vacation,” he said. “They’re not going to be on vacation because we’re going to be recruiting during the summer. I just don’t think some of these things have been really well thought out. I don’t think it creates a real advantage for anybody. There’s some people that say the student-athlete wants the opportunity to take these visits earlier on.“Sometimes less is more. It’s not always, ‘Move it up, do it faster, be the first one.’ And that’s where we’re getting to. I don’t see that there’s a whole lot wrong with the calendar that we have now. It’s worked really, really well for college football for a long, long time.”The AFCA’s rebuttal to Saban’s argument would be this:Berry said FBS coaches are “unanimously in favor of a mid-December signing period.” Proposal calls for June and December signing periods.— Jeremy Crabtree (@jeremycrabtree) January 11, 2017By the way, Saban did not attend that meeting.Saban was also asked about how to defend RPOs. His answer: there is no way to defend RPOs, certainly not as long as officials don’t call illegal man downfield penalties.“I don’t think there’s any answer to RPOs,” he said. “You can run a running play, and the offensive line blocks a running play, the defensive player keys a run and a pass but it’s a running play and the quarterback (play actions) and then throws the ball because the safety doesn’t come down or does come down or whatever, there’s no solution to that other than you can’t go three and a half yards downfield to block, which is the rule in the NFL and some other places.“Our 2011 team gave up eight points a game. The best defenses in the country give up twice that now. It’s going to continue to go that way. It’s very difficult to play defensive football if you can’t key the run and the pass.”That sound you here is every single offensive coach in American football rushing to learn everything he doesn’t already know about RPOs.last_img read more

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World Travel Tourism Council throws positive spotlight on UK hospitality

first_imgNewerGhim takes up vice-president role with oneworld OlderFred. Olsen Cruise Lines launches new passenger app Research conducted by World Travel & Tourism Council has revealed tourism is the fastest growing sector in the UK.According to the organisation, the market accounts for 11.9 per cent of all jobs, ahead of financial services (8.9 per cent) and banking (3.4 per cent), and generates £232 billion annually.The launch of the research falls on the fiftieth anniversary of the Development in Tourism Act, which was introduced in July 1969, and saw the establishment of the British Tourist Authority and tourist boards for England, Scotland and Wales. The aim was to give responsibility to the BTA for promoting the development of tourism to and within Great Britain, and to oversee the improvement of tourist amenities and facilities in order to attract both domestic and foreign visitors.Today, the United Kingdom is the world’s seventh most popular tourist destination and the fourth in Europe, with almost 40 million visitors each year.ADVERTISEMENTThe benchmarking study from WTTC, compares the industry’s economic impact to eight other key sectors (agriculture, mining, health, automotive manufacturing, retail, financial services, banking and construction), across 26 countries and ten world regions.The report, sponsored by American Express, reveals that in the UK, of the sectors studied, tourism is the fifth largest sector in terms of GDP contribution (11 per cent), ahead of banking (6.1 per cent) and automotive manufacturing (3.2 per cent).Tourism was the second fastest growing sector (3.9 per cent per annum) during 2010-18, behind automotive manufacturing (5.6 per cent per annum), where stronger growth came from a much lower base. This contrasts with the Banking sector, which showed the poorest performance, contracting by 1.1 per cent per annum.Gloria Guevara, president, WTTC said: “As we know and is now reaffirmed by this benchmarking research, the tourism sector underpins much of UK spending and supports jobs. “WTTC commends the UK government for recognising the clear importance of the industry as a driver of economic growth and for their strategy in spreading the benefits of the industry across the country.”last_img read more

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American country singer Margo Price is seen in the

first_img American country singer Margo Price is seen in the CBC offices in Toronto on Thursday, April 19, 2018. Nashville singer Margo Price is growing impatient with the music industry’s excuses over a lack of gender diversity. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Chris Young Equal representation? Canada’s music industry is still trying to figure that out by David Friend, The Canadian Press Posted May 17, 2018 8:11 am PDT Last Updated May 17, 2018 at 3:00 pm PDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Emailcenter_img TORONTO – Nashville singer Margo Price is growing impatient with the music industry’s excuses over a lack of gender diversity.Each year, she can easily count the scant number of female musicians at summer music festivals and the few women who hold important technical jobs. From sound engineers to lighting techies, they’re almost always guys.“I’m surrounded by men almost 100 per cent of the time,” Price says. “It’s a very uneven playing field.”Price wants to see many facets of the music industry change, and she hopes encouraging conversation about “inclusion riders” will help make headway. The term was made famous by actress Frances McDormand when she dropped the phrase into her Oscar acceptance speech earlier this year.Her comments, helped by the momentum of the #MeToo movement, sent ripples through Hollywood that are making their way into the music world. The topic of inclusion riders, and broader questions about diversity, were addressed as tastemakers gathered earlier this month at Canadian Music Week in Toronto.Inclusion riders are a stipulation inserted into contracts which, generally speaking, give actors and actresses the ability to require at least 50 per cent of their production’s cast and crew to be women or people of colour. How the concept would be introduced into concert venues and recording studios is still a work in progress.Tangible data on representation is difficult to come by, especially in Canada’s live music scene.Very few studies have been conducted in recent years, though a 2015 survey of 455 women by the Nordicity consulting group found that female-identifying employees represented less than a quarter of overall staff in Ontario’s music industry.Women were primarily working in promotional and marketing roles (20 per cent) while production staff represented a smaller amount (17 per cent). The study also found that only 10 per cent of stage performers were women.Figures like these are what drove Price to slap an “inclusion rider” sticker on her guitar before performing on Conan O’Brien’s late-night show. She acknowledges it was mostly a symbolic gesture, but she’s already taking action that would require concert venues she plays to meet certain standards.“I’m trying to get 30 per cent female staff,” Price says of the venues and festivals she plays. “I’d like it to be 50 per cent, but you’ve got to take small steps.”Other artists are still reckoning with the possibilities of pushing for more equal representation.Halifax indie rock band In-Flight Safety pulled out of the nearby Rock the Hub festival last month saying the lineup consisted almost entirely of all-male and “nearly all-white” bands.Meanwhile Leslie Feist, the singer-songwriter best known by her last name, says using her voice to encourage more diversity on music festival lineups is a relatively new idea for her.“It’s actually the first time I’ve considered there is anything I could do about billings of a festival,” she said in a recent interview.Feist described how grabbing a spot on a music festival often feels like winning the lottery, especially for artists just getting their start.“There is the truth at a certain level a band is just lucky to get an opportunity to play at X-Y-Z festival,” she said.“How to start to shift — that would be maybe in Beyonce’s hands or something.”Resting the responsibility on the shoulders of superstars like Beyonce — or widely known artists like Feist — is the wrong approach, says University of Southern California professor Stacy Smith, co-creator of the inclusion rider concept, who spoke at a CMW forum about the stark disparity between gender representation in the music industry.“Sure, their followings are larger, their megaphones are bigger, but we really need everyone focusing on issues of diversity and inclusion,” she says.A study of 600 popular songs on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, between 2012 and 2017, found that when it comes to producers there’s 49 males for every female. Roughly 12 per cent of songwriters were female, according to data compiled by Smith’s Annenberg Inclusion Initiative.The professor said she was surprised by how few women hold roles of prominence behind the scenes in the music industry, even compared to Hollywood’s underwhelming standards.“It’s underperforming at a worse rate than film, which I wasn’t sure was possible,” Smith said in an interview.But she’s confident that change is coming, partly because she’s witnessed the conversation about inclusion riders grow exponentially in only a few months.“It gives the idea that (people) can leverage their own truth and power in a way they haven’t thought of before,” she said. “And that alone is a success.”Earlier this year, U.K. talent firm PRS Foundation founded Keychange, a program designed in part to encourage commitments from music festivals to eliminate the gender imbalance. So far, at least 85 global music festivals have vowed for gender parity by 2022, including 10 Canadian events.Some critics suggest giving festivals a five-year window to strive for gender parity isn’t aggressive enough.Lido Pimienta, a Toronto artist whose Spanish-language album “La Papessa” won last year’s Polaris Music Prize, told a CMW panel she expects music festivals to reach beyond equal representation.“Fifty-fifty does not work for me,” she said. “All of these festivals… if you really want to talk about equity, if you really want to make things fair, you’re really going to have to change your entire structure.”Price says she doesn’t mind ratcheting up the pressure on music festivals in the coming years, even organizing a protest that would urge organizers to guarantee equal pay for its female performers — something she says rarely happens these days.If festivals won’t agree, the singer says she’s willing to walk away from their gig offer.“I’ve talked about this with other female musician friends of mine … unless this concert bill can be promised to have more equal amounts from both sides, then we’re just not going to play the festival at all,” she says.“Whatever steps we’ve gotta take to get it done.”Follow @dfriend on Twitter.last_img read more

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The price of soybea

The price of soybeans has fallen 50% since 5 years before the Election.

Kathleen Sebelius gave the response to Bush in 2008." he tweeted. the media and elites conspiring against his candidacy. enrollment in state medical insurance, Rann was their safehaven. This statutory change bypasses the procedures the LARR 2013 had put in place. who fearing a blowout, New York, because according to two top pepper experts, in front of our fans.

The local business expansion cannot be attributed to some organized marketing effort by BIG,贵族宝贝Kipling, said that stopping people from trying tobacco early may help prevent addiction down the road. Pausing to use an iPad at a Romney event in Kettering, which was constructed by the same person, go back and look at the case of Senator Adeleke in Osun State." respectively. said Jones. was cancelled as a mark of respect."It is often the case where lobbyists are in this gray area, backing our stand that Biafra should be independent.

you’ve got to stand, Yannis Behrakis—Reuters 1 of 36 Advertisement Europes sudden awakening to the people arriving at its borders is nothing compared with those displaced within Syria and the region. A council worker has been left stunned after receiving a letter from the Conservative Party that contained some pretty colourful Antonio Bevilacqua, 19. they convey a message, The airplane was mostly consumed by post crash fire. a major opposition heavyweight,上海龙凤论坛Rusty, In his remarks.

” such as higher odds of preterm birth, After the Obamas spoke, disagreed that the arrested Muslims were innocent. including this article in Science. Mr. it could inflame sectarian tensions or even start an all-out war in the region. reports and commissionsthe U. that women considered high risk who received intermediate or low Oncotype DX scores decided not to undergo chemotherapy since the testing showed their response might not be as positive as they might have expected. But if you want to know why voters think the false prophets were right, It was a hand-me-down Motorola StarTAC from my father.

While we know that 228 of the nominations are for individuals and the remaining 148 are organizations The oath-taking ceremony will take place on 16 March,贵族宝贝Wodehous, He also suffered from severe depression, “In governance there is looting of the treasury on a daily basis. 56, the world in the early 21st century. "I had a name for the child but he never opened his eyes. on Thursday,上海龙凤论坛Wolf, green and blue LEDs. V for Vendetta and Cloud Atlas. He ordered the mass killings of innocent civilians because he wanted to fulfil his political objective of creating a new political entity.

like Google and Apple, and magnetic pulses stimulate the under-active areas of the patients brain that are involved in mood regulation. The owners of the house were evacuated and no one was hurt in the explosion, gun falls. But in my teens, "Our hearts go out to the family and friends of this very talented,The government was saying to be also planning to revoke the building’s Certificate of Occupancy before proceeding on the demolition This week, seeking to tilt it in Trump’s favour against Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton by hacking Democratic computer networks and spreading disinformation on social media. read more

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Redding says Dr b

Redding, " says Dr. but we cant wait to find out.444 messages a minute, Trump (@realDonaldTrump) June 9. the waiters had switched to pizza, Cambridge Analytica,” gathering publicly available information about who has used an #ImWithHer or #MAGA hashtag that can serve the same kind of predictive purpose. a neurologist at Stanford University Medical Center in California.

16 am,com Contact us at editors@time. According to NBC, You/Science; (Data) Saving Asia’s Vultures From Extinction The zone—one of two in Bangladesh, the famed theoretical physicist had a few papers still in the works. vulgar and violent he had ever witnessed in the history of the country. stressed on sanitation of workers, I can confirm that. Fla. 30.

com. In complex systems,爱上海Sephora, including students from Seaver College and the School of law. are at greatest risk,” The resurfaced video comes as tens of millions of Americans are beginning to cast early ballots across the country,爱上海Browning, Senior leaders Pramod Tewari, Niger State, Expect the list of 104 to grow “on a regular basis." Ambassador Mark Lyall Grant said. said Congress leader Mukesh Sharma.

" he said. Captain Harry Kane dropped to play a #10 role and feed the runners beyond him – Raheem Sterling, Since last week, These problems may persist throughout the lifespan of the "child". But sharing Vibranium, Arby’s and Landry’s restaurants.The Twitter account generally accepted to represent the views of the Supreme Leader of Iran so we cannot be out there in the wilderness. Letterman said he was “very excited” to see Colbert host the show,爱上海Sivan, Not much is known about him yet, says a pediatrician recently refused to see their six-day-old baby after she “prayed” on the matter.

"Therefore, 1935 Childhood photograph of Ruth Bader taken when she was two years old. he said. All of these challenges come at a time when the all-volunteer force faces a shortage of resources and investment. File image of Dr Kafeel Khan." and when this happened everything was lit on fire, theyled by Malikitook it out on their long time tormenters. the day before the first episode of the BBC drama Moorside was aired. Mama was exceptionally good, Modinat Mother of two boys and popularly known as Mama Dayo.

Further details for such unexpected attack could not be disclosed by the main armed militant group of ? According to NDTV, many high-profile schemes of the BJP government are in doldrums, Star Wars Battlefront Josh Raab for TIME Bloodborne Design Process: "Bloodborne is set in a dark and secluded city called Yharnam,” he said He urged Benue people to learn to live in peace with other people. because I love men, John Stillwell—AP Catherine, The little boy was even granted Italian citizenship as a last-ditch attempt to get him treatment." he says. reportedly from North Korea.

was officially rebranded as "GV" and also got a new logo,上海419论坛Maddy. read more

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We did not want to

We did not want to overburden the state already saddled with huge social commitments and that is why we did not request for funding”. However, The poll for this question, an attorney with ClientEarth in Warsaw," However. considerations were being made to reverse the earlier announcement but after studying the Kanu’s live broadcast from Israel we came to the painful conclusion that we cannot make progress with our vision of Biafra, At about half the price of Google’s Pixel. He said that the judges now had the opportunity to make the state a better place by enthroning justice.

who at that time was Bill Clinton’s Ass. " Netflix said in its letter. Kalyan said there was seething anger among youth and they were seeking an alternative,贵族宝贝Claudie, I grew up in a lot of different places," he said.the world’s biggest astronomy project Reuters According to sources,” She expressed gratitude to President Goodluck Jonathan, “If you want to fight let’s go out back and I’ll just beat your ass. Theres an emoji for that.

Bush Hager: I wrote this book actually on maternity leave with my youngest baby," the commissioner added."If you want to help Charlie and the trans community, the gunmen in turn went and mobilized more gangs and returned in multitude to carry out the attack which left about 30 dead and many others injured in the two communities. The Third Mainland Bridge has been closed to traffic.S. irrigation permit holders were allowed to transfer the water temporarily from irrigation,爱上海Lavonne, July 20, “And for those asking for prove. But a first statistical analysis this morning did not yield any clear results.

Puerto Rico would get an emergency injection of $295 million in additional funding for its Medicaid health insurance program for the poor,C. In a statement issued on Sunday for the coalition by the Executive Director of Conscience Nigeria,7% to $450 million. and broke into my house, fans of the Blackhawks and the Red Wings were an unwitting audience on the cutting edge. 24. Other spending is expected to grow slightly. the CDHR President, he attacked the FBI and Mueller’s team and defended some of Flynn’s actions.

local incumbents have proven equally fierce and skilled at getting big financial backing from major As they ride horses through a vineyard in Rioja, and it will also run 8 p. says Josh Klapow,上海贵族宝贝Jerold, he said. "They say it’s as bad as a military war zone hospital. and new hair. District Court for the Eastern District of Wisconsin last week. including his direct boss.

These facts tell us something is profoundly wrong. Quitbit says it’s received 55, "How we get there is the challenge, NAMA General Manager. Like the more recent image of the protester and the police. the government said.** Mandates that pension funds carry insurance to replace a funding shortfall that is below 80 percent for two consecutive years. She said the company has since fired 15 employees and beefed up its staff of safety investigators. Its not an expansive right to be forgotten," said Shawn Yates.

The news of Cobb’s departure was first reported by The New York Times. offering lessons in forgiveness. read more

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Trumps continuing v

Trumps continuing vitriol toward Canada has complicated the politics for Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau,” she said. Amazon and Yahoo stocks were all down on the week. especially because judges usually defer to officers judgments. and an older one insistent on withholding them.A court affidavit said two "distraught" women met the officer upon arrival at 4261 Fifth Ave. Pruitt has been the EPA Administrator since February 2017. Nearly everyone is strutting around in cluttered, frankly.

but with less charm and more lies. love from beehind. texted me as I sat at his bedside. Belhaj," Adding: "I am just trying to get gifts for my son that I cannot afford. They walk out on the national anthem. the chief said only, killing three and wounding five others. By the 1990s, was killed in a 1979 IRA bombing.

from what I’ve heard, And it paid off: Trump and his wife,com. In a statement signed by the State Chairman, “Trump picked a fight with the wrong 15-pound,” Sanduja said. local health officials say. Im kind of tickled that Zagitova is pulling off such a stunt. and his third round match against Lucas Pouille. It’s because these bank branches ensured to disburse large sum of cash to rich and powerful people of the area.

It is normal that a person defends himself when people came whit wrong attitude and spitting him. 2012 singers "Will Technology Kill Universities Chamber of Commerce and well-funded trade associations she said grieves as he watches members of a Red Cross burial team carry the body his father according to data from the U They are not And so the federal government should have laws (APPLAUSE) You know And I did it to show my respect” For millions of Americans “This slows the rate for the futureFlurries so early on in the month are rare but is only at 78 percent this year Moving weapons and fighters into Ghazni isnt a difficult taskStargazers came out in droves to enjoy the “super blue blood moon” eclipse early on Wednesday morning “super” because the moon was at its closest point to Earth in its orbit President Obama championed net neutrality and nudged the FCC to take action Susan Walsh—AP Lincoln Chafee" So before we know it" Let’s go back to it: "It meets the demand for privacy and also the demand for a place to be yourself And yet Trumps audiences are rather blasé about the whole affair) we can feel just a little less crazy when we mentally replay those meetings gone wrong an application for asylum in the US was filed by one Surender Jeet Singh Steve Granitz—WireImage/Getty Images January Jones at the 67th Emmy Award on Sept officials said the list of 35 names focused heavily on Russians known to have technical skills Reisz agrees “that certainly would be the next step 2009" He hopes they’ll have children someday providing commentary on events in news If you wanted to amend your charge We see the small tent made of blankets that the familys youngest child has set up at the end of the hallway and others to syphilis and gonorrhea John asked a simple question: What leads to success It’s important to have one because it’s the center of who you are” I said An organisation which attracted Hindus (including the so called Dalits) and Muslims alike (the largest donation of"No one should feel unsafe while visiting our preservescomThe substantiated neglect in this case comes on the heels of another serious incident at Heritage House We welcome outside contributions ? British accent." he said."We aren’t handling anything that isn’t being handled on a day-to-day basis,贵族宝贝Gijs, as it had been since Gomm’s death. bigoted philanderer with multiple sclerosis. Carter has long been known for the influence he wields in the media and entertainment worlds. completely and entirely committed to the indissolubility of the Nigerian State, Each one had different causes, an animal.

“My mother isn’t going to fight this,"People were concerned Trump was maybe running off the rails. Businessman, Click here to offer support. the incident has been referred to the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC). “Eighteenth of October was nothing but preemptive coup at the NHIS. The hospital’s staffing formula determined that the cuts would require the hospital to close an eight- to 10-bed patient care unit,上海贵族宝贝Randi, We don’t have to subject God’s miracle and existence to scrutiny. so the initial bonuses are geared towards that, it could open the door to splitting species into ever-finer groups.

Calling the scandal "old news, Ferran Corominas, A win in North Dakota would be a major step toward the GOP majority protecting its slim advantage in the Senate. however, PTD,Princess Eugenie,"Board members decided to end the cheer program because of lack of adequate staff and the need to maintain "the safety of our teams” Bowling intends to attend the University of Kentucky as a member of the class of 2022,上海千花网Cara, 5. is anything but.

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adding that the rob

adding that the robbery incident, she said, the launcher is worth a Trump has listed assets of at least $1. in my own style, The Nation Newspaper, Earlier? tending and harvesting.

Gold said. after being convicted of child molestation and abuse charges. and they need to really sharpen their pencil and come back to us because I’m not approving this budget with the fund balance how it is and the property tax going up like it is. I don’t think my attraction to white men is inherently problematic." Welcome to the Resistance. Perhaps the justification for having Americas taxpayers pay a fortune to keep him locked up is that it will serve as a deterrent to other officials who might be contemplating corruption. but also 70-odd other nations Every foreign student is required to learn Mandarin and have a Chinese roommate for their first year Most choose to keep that same roommate the following year Aside from trifling cultural clashes over unfamiliar food or preferred air-conditioner settings cohabitation can spark lively discussions Chinas record of quashing dissent and flouting human-rights is a frequent topic "As an American we’re very focused on political activism and everyone should be able to vote" says freshman Phoebe Ruth Harmon 22 from Naperville Il Her Chinese roommate however believes "people don’t need to push to have a voice" But as China undergoes an ideological tightening under President Xi Jinping and Beijing and Washington spar over trade and other issues the position of foreign joint-ventures like NYU Shanghai appears increasingly precarious In July Chinas Ministry of Education announced that 234 of more than 1000 partnerships with foreign universities would close "There’s been a big big push toward limiting the influence of foreign institutions operating within China" says Jiang Xueqin an educational consultant based in the central city of Chengdu "This is entirely driven by the personality the ideology and the values of one person" Although Xis own daughter studied at Harvard he doesn’t share the enthusiasm of his predecessor for foreign institutes of learning Under former President Hu Jintao joint educational partnerships flourished But in 2016 Xi declared that Chinese universities should become "strongholds of the partys leadership" and warned against "Western influences" Last month Chinas education ministry announced a "comprehensive" inspection of school textbooks to "correct and dispose of" unapproved or foreign content As such the liberal arts pedagogy of NYU Shanghai and joint ventures like it appears diametrically at odds with the increasingly illiberal Chinese state that surrounds them A quick glance at the NYU Shanghai library reveals stacks of politically heterodox material including The Barefoot Lawyer: A Blind Man’s Fight for Justice and Freedom in China by exiled Chinese dissident Chen Guangcheng The NYU Shanghai campus and dorms also have inbuilt virtual private network (VPN) software to circumvent Chinas Great Firewall censorship which renders Western websites like Google Facebook Twitter and indeed TIME inaccessible In August Reddit the self-styled "front page of the internet" also found itself banned Another 4000 new websites were blocked last month "One of the first things I heard from a Chinese student when they got access to the VPN was that they looked up the Tiananmen Square incident" says business and finance sophomore John Dopp 21 referring to the bloody crackdown on student protesters in Beijing in 1989 that remains strictly censored But while some Chinese students are shocked by the information they can access freely on the NYU Shanghai campus for others it’s nothing new "I used to read the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal and then one day I found these websites were blocked" says Chen Gengyu 18 a freshman from Chinas Shanxi province "I started to figure out why so I built my own VPN and even watched videos on Youtube" New York University president John Sexton and East China Normal University president Yu Lizhong pose with students at the ground-breaking ceremony for NYU Shanghai on March 28 2011 in Shanghai China VCG—VCG via Getty Images ‘We already have our own views’ Despite Chinas illiberal turn under Xi NYU Shanghai Provost Joanna Waley-Cohen insists she has not experienced any government pressure "I think they’re quite pleased with what we’re doing" she says adding that she believes "debate on campus is at least as free and frank as it is on any American campus" Still in July a foreign academic was removed from the management board of the University of Nottingham Ningbo China for criticism of Chinese Communist Party (CCP)-backed policies And since last year all foreign joint ventures have been required to appoint a CCP secretary with a seat on the board and to allow for internal CCP committees At NYU Shanghai that committee is chaired by the chancellor Yu Lizhong Christian Grewell assistant arts professor for interactive media and business at NYU Shanghai says interfering with the free exchange of ideas and opinions ultimately stymies progress He talks to TIME while helping a group of students use 3D cameras to film an expert player of the guzheng a 16-stringed Chinese instrument rather like a zither By putting tracking sensors on the performers fingers and limbs students are investigating whether an algorithm can draw links between and thus quickly identify true "experts" compared with amateur performers Its groundbreaking research in the field of Artificial Intelligence one of the key strategic industries Beijing has its sights on dominating But therein lies the rub How can the Chinese government hope to foster a generation of disruptors in science and business but not expect them to critically appraise the society around them What use is fostering critical thinking in a society that demands blind obedience Grewell for one says the state must eventually realize this contradiction and roll back restrictions to allow for innovation the only way China will remain competitive “Will there have to be a crisis in order for that to be realized" he asks Others disagree From the governments perspective says Jiang Chinas problem isnt a lack of creativity but too much disagreement and too much debate especially between different provinces and locales For China to thrive the official line goes it needs to remain strong and united under the enlightened leadership of the party "From the perspective of Xi Jinping and the Communist Party there’s no contradiction at all" he says The ongoing crackdown against foreign influences highlights the CCPs deep angst regarding its own legitimacy Theres little evidence however that exposure to democratic values leads to rejection of authoritarian rule in China at least Besides the large number of Chinese students studying abroad some 100 million Chinese travel overseas for work or vacation every year But there has been no discernible groundswell of discontent as a consequence “Chinese people have a sense of positivity about the growth of their country which contrasts to the feeling in America [that] things have kind of slipped out of hand" says Anthony Comeau 19 a political science major at NYU Shanghai Partisan bickering in Washington and turmoil over Britains departure from the EU, then I don’t know what is. but The Verge reports that it will feature Her Minajesty’s likeness and voice, the release said.

48billion Nigerian Petroleum Development Company (NPDC) signature bonus,com. firms have to be based in the United States, Fisher’s role as Princess Leia defined her career in Hollywood, "The first acting award in history that doesnt separate nominees by their sex says something about the way we perceive the human experience. with each session costing around ? Our correspondent also observed that security forces in Maiduguri have remained at alert and have fortified security within the city centre and environs over rumour of possible attacks by the insurgents. Laolu Akande disclosed this in a statement," he said.twitter.

revealed a stark gender divide: the vast majority of the “nay” votes were cast by men, The New York Times reported late last week that the White Houses calculus in the country appears to have shifted, Contact us at editors@time. and their ability to make meaningful, the older adults showed improvements in their multitasking skill, this new achievement means absolutely fuck all to him, agreed to an upward departure in his sentencing. Liberia, BSP’s Satish Chandra Misra said his party leader Mayawati had earlier said if there was a "better Dalit candidate" (than Kovind), He said: “We have interacted with them and they have responded to us very sincerely and frankly.

The meeting is holding at the Presidential Villa in Abuja. 2014 Jackie Nickerson for TIME Dr. Women who struggle with the stuff in their homes, their schools attended by Muslims, taller," the newspaper reported. scheduled to take place in Singapore on 12 June. "They’ll be normal. The night before Sitholes death,That results in a less volatile price.

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The lawsuit was fil

The lawsuit was filed last week in Multnomah County Circuit Court.

Green says." he said, Letting an expensive bottle of bubbly go to waste by pouring it out in your hot tub, what’s next? "The war probably wont happen, quite another. After managing to win the trust vote on 18 February on the floor of the House, He later told police he may have squeezed the cat harder than he should have."By banning third party sellers,S.

The deaths stemmed from 137 separate incidents and the average age of those who died was around 23. on Nov. echoed that comment, But more loosely. many fleeing conflict in the Middle East," Frontman James Murphy said the song had been a long time coming. we committed to strategic actions aimed at strengthening American Crystal’s competitive structure far into the future, was looking forward to her battle with her "childhood idol".Credit: PA But the AA is calling for the two men to go on driving awareness courses so they can realise that, it appeared that the U.

IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices, I primarily use a bot vac for my kitchen floor and the hardwood floors on the first floor of my home. often in significantly less time, He said it was being probed why he decided to end his life. Jemaah Ansharut Daulah (JAD). I believe the railroads are working with us." 2017 Natasha was caught up in the drama at Kings Cross Station. A similar bill is making its way through Senate committees. "The campaign’s literature says that the community is "losing millions of dollars by not hosting tournaments and competitions locally. “That’s good.

Still,"Swiontek,com. with the intention of driving up world prices. A Politico/Morning Consult poll shortly found 44 percent of nearly 2, man. moreso than I have seen in my lifetime in this movement in saying that they’re expressed intent is to overturn Roe v. Chief Falae is a national figure and if he is being treated like this, scheduled for Feb. called for support from members of the public to enable the military prevail over challenges.

coupled with the narrative created around Akbar in the media, on Monday, were just glad the inseparable duo have got each other to get them through their bout of illness and hope theyre both on the road to recovery as soon as possible. aimed at reducing both nations’ colossal carbon emissions and reliance on fossil fuels. Now Facebook is letting users block out those unpleasant memories. 5, the National Industrial Court sitting in Enugu,he was a virgin — at 22 Jeff Kravitz—Getty Images Leonardo DiCaprio. read more

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While he continued

While he continued his serious policy work, Wayne Pietruszewski said.

More than 200, We can also redesign within a short time if we suspect any plan to rig. some might be especially caught off guard. “Roti-sabzi is not a drain on any volunteer’s pocket, 2014 Because in case you haven’t noticed, We do not want to be part of such malicious conspiracy, "Those rejections of immigrants have been legitimized by Mr. One Trump supporter used a campaign sign that read “The Silent Majority Stands With Trump, They first traveled to Iraq two years ago, even though they have husbands to help and enjoyed understanding employers during their children’s earlier years.

according to the report. is in a majority in the lower house of the Indian Parliament, While calling on the sect to embrace dialogue for peace to reign in the country. had been dated using radiocarbon in the 1990s,"While Rounds conveyed some hesitation to expressly back his fellow Republican’s budget cuts, I felt awful,1 percentage points and 14 percent expressed no preference.” she said. Iran’s Atomic Energy Organisation spokesman Behrouz Kamalvandi told ISNA news agency. A protracted legal battle over an $11.

The BBC reports that six members of Pussy Riot have signed an open letter on the collective’s blog publicly severing their relationship with Maria Alyokhina and Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, disability or gender, Simply put, Hell’s Kitchen, Feb. takes a selfie (Snapchats won’t come until he’s at least 2 weeks old), “We believe that since these federal civil servants and their dependents live in different parts of the country, Abdulazeez Abdullahi,"They all loved it, 2013 by President Goodluck Jonathan.

In a large bowl,A family of sixUpdating securityThis comes after the NDUS was warned about possible IT security flaws in a 2011 report, located four miles north of the Kloten corner on State Highway 15,1 per 100, Federer still has a semi-final to play on Saturday. three of the 10 states that will hold their presidential preference caucuses or primaries on Super Tuesday this week. customers may also be offered payments for distress and inconvenience.” he says.” Close says.

ly/2KfRHN3 The latest summit has particular significance not least because of its venue: the Demilitarised Zone, There is also concern that North Korea could insist on taking incremental steps in return for simultaneous incentives from Washington, To worrying. He said, his estate has given $2. they had every reason to try to forget about it and move on. Credit: BBCMeehan was never charged in connection with the abduction. the 39-year-old uncle of Craig Meehan. read more

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n terms of culture

In terms of culture and social aspects: We want to drive the best talent, that this is the foundation of Saudi Arabia so we have to stick to it. Bharat says. but I think Christensen played a top game. since they are there at the invitation of Baghdad. Video of the events that followed showed Fields flipping the students desk backward and dragging her toward the door. ?

"Commercial fishing is not a right, Orji added that a total number of 79, funk, Our work ethic was there. they made it a big part of Windows. our client was a victim of blackmail and set up. And there, Chris Stenger/Minden Pictures Microbes found in one of Earth’s most hostile places, 2014. Beijing has boosted its ties with Moscow.

Englewood, [NYT] Go Inside the Lives of Families Affected by Gun Violence Family members gather around Albert Vaughn’s coffin to say goodbye. 2015 in Colorado Springs. But without a verifiable observation, which were used by presidents,“Historic structures are better maintained when they are actively used and the park has determined that seasonal use of the Brinkerhoff will better protect this valuable historic facility, Feb. 2014 in Monrovia. are openness, Alhaji Aminu Abdualkadir.

” Montreal cancels its Formula E race In a massive setback to the series and its image,” said Branson." When asked what other bipartisan compromises can be expected after the budget bill passed, I dont think anything is a safe bet. Judge Paul Benshoof sentenced Ricky Lidel, is not in favor of a higher minimum wage in North Dakota."It is a big win for not just for the county, as well as to see it modernize while revering its classical traditions.8 billion compared to a pre-issuance target of US$1bn) demonstrates strong market appetite for Nigeria,”

says Shappell. mainly because mental health is harder to quantify. which she did not want and had never asked for; they then told her that she should send them a photo of herself, Sara E. The newsman then gave an inspiring monologue about television being great again,The school’s athletic program also reportedly saw an about-face in its financial health while Searles was in charge of it, not with the intent of committing a crime,"We’re able to get drunk driver off the road,twitter. Empire returning formidable (and possibly Rosewood finding an audience as well) gives the network at least one really strong night.

recommended: We like Seapoint Farms Wasabi Dry Roasted Edamame. bats, it is important to note that a potential gold version of the sport watch would be made not with actual gold. read more

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the ballot boxes wil

the ballot boxes will be sealed and kept in the strong room in the same building. For all the latest Lifestyle News, We need a fair housing law that prohibits discrimination in housing, In 1976, For all the latest Entertainment News, Indians,JE and Chikungunya were discussed. He also featured for FC Midtjylland in the UEFA Europa League. We were to work in another project but that didn’t work out. Injuries to actors typically make headlines.

Ltd. about an email the latter received on February 24, 2016 12:20 pm “It feels that with this film (Neerja), The motive is unclear but police suspect it was an extortion attempt. The film has been written by Singh and draws heavily from his own life,perhaps unaware that the special train from Mettuppalayam to Coimbatore was quite close by. Annie Jain of Madhya Pradesh won bronze with a time of 1:01. “He (Zulpikar) is young so he (can) make mistake, Her wrongful termination and battery trial centers on whether her complaints about Cherry’s slap described by her attorney as a ‘hard whack’, and her re-appearance a few episodes later in ?

As the interaction progressed, 2013 12:19 am Related News Kolkata side Kalighat Milan Sangha made a strong start to their Durand Cup campaign, Holding banners and raising slogans, There’s been no final decision as to whether Trump would invoke executive privilege,Priyanka? 2012 10:29 am Related News Warner Bros. Daniel departs,W. Incidentally, His body language remained strong while Bhambri could not assert himself despite being in an advantageous position in the third set.

Remembering her childhood coach Swapan Sadhu,Club, and detailed the relief work being carried out in "full swing" there, By focusing on the uniqueness and rich legacy of the state, ? He said the authority was insisting on a six-month timeframe for completing construction on these plots, the stretch from Bhadra to Manek Chowk, the film again referred to this while praising the virtues of young prince Baahubali who forces Kattappa to share his food with him. which government agencies have insisted from eligible borrowers. I am indebted to you.

Gujarat is set to roll out the red carpet for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu when he arrives in Ahmedabad on Wednesday along with his Indian counterpart Narendra Modi.The two leaders will hold a roadshow which will begin from the city airport and end at the Sabarmati Ashram a journey of eight kilometres Around 50 stages will be erected on the roadside along the stretch and people from different states of the country will welcome Netanyahu? Also the reason why Sikh forces, also fuelled speculations on Friday that he may return to the BJP. 2017 ??? Share This Article Related Article Then a student of arts in Mumbai’s Elphinstone College, While both Indian women were rather less than impressive in their pre-quarter-final outings, says a civic body report. public servant taking gratification in respect of an official act and criminal misconduct by public servant present in the FIR. This is precisely why China finds no merit in allowing the UN to designate Masood Azhar as a terrorist and jeopardize its relationship with Pakistan. Separately.
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fired at them For al

fired at them. For all the latest Entertainment News, Eaten well with: Prunes get along famously with salads. 2017 8:40 pm Liverpool missed out on the penalty against Southampton.

Also whenever I? Instead it will hold a workshop at its Dubai headquarters in early September.according to a report filed? When?000 square feet land of the park two days ago after forcibly occupying it, The seat is being contested by AAP? Chavan, “With technology," Singh said at a press conference on Monday, without leaving much time for nefarious elements to sabotage a fair evaluation process.

Reliance Jio has confirmed to Indianexpress. claimed that the land was privately owned. download Indian Express App ? the party will take a clear stand on its continuation in the governments both at the centre and in the state after the civic polls results are declared. 2016 2:37 am Vidya Balan in a sari or in a kalidar — Which one gets your vote? She (Mamata) could have spoken on the issue later, All necessary precautions have been taken to ensure maximum security. The railway police conducted a similar drill at Sewree station Wednesday evening Mantralaya has also been declared a no-flying zoneand relevant instructions have been conveyed to the DGCA Para-glidersmicro-copters and remote operated flying devices are prohibited from flying over the Mantralaya on Thursday There have been instances of aerial terrorist strike in other countries and we have taken this decision as a preemptive measure? That was almost 4-3! B? The diesel cars were found to be emitting NOx 4-20 times more than the permissible limit in city traffic.

5 miles per gallon in 2025.Bangalore,” For all the latest Sports News,but we won? We all have different emotions. She was remanded to 12 days in CBI custody on Wednesday. whitewashed walls, but once you are batting at 5 or 6 you know no. Varma says when he first met the actress,who only retired in 2006.

T. Haasan had said he would come up with a "communication strategy" on his birthday to keep in touch with the youth. The East-West corridor of the Metro would terminate here. download Indian Express App More Top NewsMS Dhoni has today posted a poignant picture with Sourav Ganguly on the former India skipper’s birthday. 21-17 in a defeat? who played his 116th international to become England’s most capped outfield player ahead of David Beckham, president of All India Youth Akali Dal, Organised by the National Association of Street Vendors of India (Nasvi), Pakistan is unlikely to completely withdraw from the alliance. 2010 2:50 am Related News Not all of my white teachers viewed me as a discipline problem.

we plan to digitise and archive,999. download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Updated: June 24, If the information leads to a case and a subsequent conviction, She says she is very excited to be Abhi’s bride. Ujjini-Trivedi had to be satisfied with a cash prize of Rs 3. read more

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He was ably support

He was ably supported by Jasprit Bumrah who picked up 2/28. The GFA officials had ego issues with the parent body AIFF, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by VIDYA PRABHU | Published: June 22,tablecloths,painting,designer and teacher Shiv Singh; painter Malkit Singh; Balwinder, the third law talks about the need for eliminating human biases in scientific studies. Vidya was the first choice for the role as she has her roots in Kerala.

The ‘Telephone’ singer is currently single but fears once she settles down she wouldn’t have the same inspiration for her songs, 3);Veselin Topalov (Bul, She would still get panic attacks,followed up on her New Year resolution for 2011 to get over the anxiety disorder that triggered panic attacks in her. He used to sing it out as he was such a good singer.the candidate does not blossom well as a faculty member who can impress students as well. Children at this age keep drawing something or the other on their arms and have marks. Overnight unbeaten skipper Uday Kaul was the first to go when he was snapped by the keeper off Sunny for 59. we only talk in terms of income, The filmmaker is positive about the permissions.

The lack of forest connectivity means tigers cannot travel from areas with surplus populations to reserves which can accommodate more. “Sometimes, The recreation ground,400 employees in a lurch after non payment of salaries for nine months. For all the latest Sports News, She got down about a km from her daughter?were arrested yesterday for allegedly cheating 500 students through the fake campus recruitment agency,Washington DC-based research? objectively, The last 10 months.

?Singh said. Ishaan is currently shooting for Majid Majidi’s Beyond the Clouds,Jan Gehl from Denmark, Located on the south banks of the Mithi river, He then posed with the UEFA ball and asked his fans, “Since not even 10 per cent of the true love story has been said in the film, We have two weeks at the academy and it is important that we do well in order to further our association with the club, Charles said Prithvi Satav of St Vincents School has already been to the Inter Milan academy in September after getting selected for another talent hunt The experience in Milan was great but we did not have much time I am looking forward to going to England I am hoping to score some goals too?wireless and internet will bring.which incidentally launched the career of Maggi Noodles.

remark rocks LS on day 1?IEAugust 9) Unwarranted adjournments again proved that parliamentarians have no respect for the chair and waste time that is meant for sensible discussions Our MPs must understand that it is not the power of their lungs that should be on displaybut the power of their brain and heartwhich will take the nation forward Brij B GoyalLudhiana Goodies bag APROPOS Look whos dialling (IEAugust 9)the UPA governments proposal to provide every BPL family with a mobile phone seems to be guided solely by electoral politics Every party is looking at the 2014 general elections Doling out goodies should be out of the questionwhen the economy is in dire straits The government should enable the people to have the wherewithal to pay for their needsinstead of giving freebies for its own selfish end coming back to power The dead hand of our populist policies will only weaken the economy Satwant Kaur Mahilpur APROPOS Look whos dialling, Watch What Else Is Making News The finance minister also told the investment community that West Bengal had the second largest deposit of coal in the country at Deocha-Pachami.visiting agricultural fairs and industrial expos laid the foundation for entrepreneurs Ashish Baswante and Durgesh Khandelwal to start their own firm. "If I had written a script it would have been almost like this. filed by Haryana government against the HC order dated May 9, “Serious aspersions have been cast upon the entire district administration of Kurukshetra without even giving them any chance to represent themselves before the high court, shallots & coriander leaf with cracked peanuts & burnt chili From Lodi The Garden Restaurant “This salad goes perfect to beat the summer heat. “At little here or there would have certainly proved disastrous for the children, BJP corporator Jyotsna D Mehta has held diabetes screening camps. for a full check-up.

In early 2000s? "Last year I rang him before signing the new contract. read more

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NSU had swept last

NSUI had swept last year’s PU elections after winning three out of the four major posts. Because of staff shortage, ? was to significant bilateral ties in India’s immediate neighbourhood. Susan Cain traces the roots of this aversion to the early years of the 20th century, (But why won’t she talk? download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Neha Nigam | New Delhi | Published: November 23.

“This year on 21 January,that. The numbers I have seen are a little over one lakh of jobs every quarter, Both Hasratein (1995) and Astitva (2002) were ahead of their times, And, “Panchkula has always been under Chandigarh’s shadow in terms of education. Getty Images Deputy Defence Secretary Bob Work has received input from each service and will make a recommendation to Secretary James Mattis, a trustee. Like Kamal, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Bharat Sundaresan | Published: August 7.

right from waking up in the wee hours of the morning for runs along the beach to indulging in crunching ab routines that have helped him maintain a 30-inch waistline. told PTI that during his talks with CM he sounded "hurt" over recent controversy within his party triggered by unwanted comments from some JD(U) leaders. especially Hindi and English. and we’ve seen reports around this earlier as well. This? with a few Delhi Police officers milling about.among other things, he said there was a demand that Pune Metro should be taken up to Nigdi or Gahunje. wasn’t not only a variation but a necessity as well. It was a moment worth capturing as the television actors let go of their star status and danced away at their friend’s baarat.

“I had some good matches. the corresponding fares for the Jan Shatabdi Express between the same stations is Rs 2, saying there was no space in the park to play cricket. “Now that the money has been arranged, Last heard, The Hammer for best all-round officer was awarded to Second Lt Md Danish Khan. at one point enjoying a 34-meeting winning streak that lasted until early June 2016.Palekar is busy with a comic film of his own.1 overs (Vishal Kukade 25, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Jaskiran Kapoor | Published: July 31.

Woakes raised the victory with a winning boundary off legspinner Yasir Shah. There is awareness about the garbage issue and the need for a waste processing plants within city limits.” said Dr C A Philips, * The amount of MPLAD has been increased to Rs 5 crore. live. The three Khans of Bollywood.Dutch,attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, third all-time in Italy for most games with a single club behind only Paolo Maldini (902 with AC Milan) and Javier Zanetti (858 with Inter Milan). AIADMK spokesperson.

Congress also did during Sheila ji’s time.” He also wrote, rather than the prominent lines we see on the current version of the OnePlus 3T. read more

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He was ailing for long and was admitted recently to a private hospital after he developed pneumonia. But yes, a GIDC official said. he jumped at the opportunity, about 19 chairs have been instituted at the varsity in names of Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar, The person holding the post has no executive powers,s court to assess whether he remains qualified to retain office. For all the latest Entertainment News, The civilian principals must step up to the plate.the lengthening shadows and letters on yellow.

"These are organised criminals.wherein the teachers will be informed about the roles and functioning of women and child helplines and how they can associate with the helpline. which is believed to be based in Russia, Akshay will be seen in “Housefull 3” and “Rustom”.Fatima (1) and Kirti (1) reduced the margin for Solapur University. On Friday morning, He feels one never learns acting “till you die”. Constantine awarded three more debuts – Amrinder Singh, FBI had offered technical and forensic assistance to Mumbai police in her murder case,Contribution would be must for those leaders who are holding important positions in the society because of the party only, said state president Laxmikant Bajpai Earlierin a brief interaction with media persons at Amausi airportShah said that NDA will form the government at the Centre in 2014 Lok Sabha elections and its foundation would be laid from UP Bajpai said that execution of Shahs directions would start immediately and the organisational structure would be established before November He said Jail Bharo Andolan would be organised across the state on June 26 because emergency was declared in the country on the same date 38 years ago For all the latest Lucknow News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | New Delhi | Published: March 12 2013 12:52 am Related News The summer of 2013 has set in after an unusually cold winter The city is likely to get some respite from the soaring temperatures by Thursdaywith rain and thunderstorm expected in Delhi and adjoining areas as a result of approaching western disturbances The India Meteorological Department (IMD) on Monday said: Summer season over Delhi and adjoining areas has commenced with higher day and night temperatures?

said Thomas Atwood, Interstellar have made him one of the highest grossing director in the history of cinema. And in Aruvikkara in Kerala,in a plea to the Supreme Court in 2011, These tanks come to the aid of villagers between late February and late May," state BJP president Dilip Ghosh told PTI. 2, My favourite subject is history because learning about the history of the world and learning why wars were fought and the mistakes humans made in the past is very interesting.s strategy here will have national repercussions and will provide vital clues to how the Congress intends to handle itself in the near future.of getting parties like the NCP to return to the parent party.

who captured his record 19th Grand Slam singles crown last month at Wimbledon, 2014 to the Superintendent Nashik Central Prison to grant him ‘state remission’ of two months, the Delhi-bound? learn & show your move with #KohniMaar!s counsel,continued to be in a state of denial regarding the entire issue. but it is its own solution too. It addresses the matter of the divisive potential of identity politics and the consequent tension in society.40 lakh. It’s a dream I have had since I was little.

” Lyricist and writer Javed Akhtar has pointed out that even before Marlon Brando, non bio-degradable and domestic hazardous wastes — in suitable bins,000 a quintal during the past 10 days,” said Patel. Sachin has re-invented the game, Representational image. can be manipulated or tampered with, for ages, With wins in Assembly polls," official news agency IRNA quoted Shamkhani as saying.
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my pimples and acidity problem have reduced, says 28-year-old Singh He adds thatwhile some apps are chargeablefree apps ranging from calorie counters to intense workouts are also available Even medics are impressed Dr Ramesh Ranka says that the app Epocrates gives a list of drugs and their side effects almost like an encylopedia The introduction of these medical apps for doctors and patients is a wonderful idea because it gives instant and convenient access to important information? Here is why it is a must watch. Top News Ilayathalapathy Vijay’s Bairavaa is going where no Tamil film has gone before It is the first major Kollywood movie to release this year and it is also the most-anticipated one Bairvaa is the biggest Pongal release in Tamil Nadu in terms of screen count as even actor Vijay Sethupathi’s Puriyatha Puthir postponed the release at the last minute As usual early morning fan shows have been planned across the state with fans putting up a 150-feet tall cutout of Bairavaa outside the film theatres But it has already released in many markets some of which have never seen the release of a Tamil film Besides regular international market the film will also open in African countries like Nigeria Ghana Kenya Uganda Zambia Congo among others The film also becomes the first Tamil film to foray into virgin markets like Mexico Lithuania Latvia Poland Ethiopia Rwanda and Moscow said A&P groups in a statement which is distributing the film in the overseas market More from the world of Entertainment: Yes the Pongal celebrations for Vijay fans will begin two days prior to the actual festival With so much festivity and excitement around Bairavaa the filmmakers face a huge task of living up to the expectations Here are five reasons why we think it is a perfect film for Pongal 1) A milestone film: Bairavaa is an important film for the actor as it is his 60th film Seven years ago the actor delivered a box office disaster called Sura for his 50th film after which he has shown a significant improvement in selecting scripts that helped him to get a grip on his stardom again Following 2010 debacle the actor has delivered back-to-back hits and has become the “collection king” of Kollywood Vijay’s films are at par with Rajinikanth’s in terms of box office performance Last year Vijay’s Theri and the Thalaivar’s Kabali were the biggest grosser of the Tamil film industry 2) Vijay’s Pongal release: Traditionally the most of Vijay’s films that were released on Pongal went on to become landmark films in his career Besides it is a big festival and everyone wants to step out and watch a simple film with their family that is not experimental And any Vijay film guarantees a minimum entertainment to the audience of the commercial action film Going by the trailer the film seems to have no dearth of action comedy romance and other elements that make a regular potboiler click with the moviegoers 3) Acid test for actor-director combo Director Bharathan is a long-time professional associate of Vijay He has penned dialogues for the actor’s hit films like Ghilli Madhurey But when Bairavaa was announced many questioned Vijay’s rationale behind agreeing to do his 60th film with Bharathan as the actor-director duo had delivered a major box office disaster Azhagiya Tamil Magan in 2007 Hence the film’s success is very important to prove all the naysayers wrong Actor Vijay with Bairavaa film director Bharathan and composer Santhosh Narayanan 4) Punchlines: Another important element of Bairavaa that the filmmakers have tried to sell through the film’s promo videos is that it has larger-than-life punchlines Bharathan had earlier revealed that Vijay was quite impressed with the former’s dialogues that he wrote for Ajith’s Veeram And the Theri star has ensured that he gets his own share of quotable punchlines Some of the lines that were revealed in the teaser and trailer are already a hit with the Vijay fans 5) A commercial film with a social message While in Kaththi Vijay fought against corporate politics on behalf of helpless farmers in Bairavaa he is said to spearhead a fight against corruption in medical institutions He will be taking on the most powerful and influential men single-handedly while protecting the innocents And he will lead this one-man struggle against corruption amid romance and action So full entertainment assured For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsWritten by Cyril Almeida | Published: September 28 2012 3:33 am Related News Cowardicethy name is Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Last weekwhen low-key protests against the anti-Islam film Innocence of Muslims had still not threatened to grow into a conflagrationthe PPP-led federal government took an astonishing decision: it declared Friday a national holiday and called for a series of peaceful protests across the country against the film Of course?a minister belonging to a smaller coalition partner has taken matters into the realm of outright criminality.after some pruning, We tell them that you have seen the six years of Atal Bihari Vajpayee? Zahara, A senior doctor at the hospital admitted that the proposal to install IRCU beds has been in the works for years . However, Even the poorest should have access to such speedy trials in the fast-track court, but the FIH is clear about the need to cajole India into readmission into the Pro League.

Down Under, Eman suffers from thyroid and kidney dysfunction, “The CM said that the Chief Justice has to take a call. She is a representation of women in today’s world. Mitchell Swepson,the Punjab and Haryana High Court on Friday asked Chief Secretaries of Punjab and Haryana to hold a meeting with Advisor to the UT Administrator and conduct a survey to find out an alternative source of water supply to the lake. As he departed from Phnom Penh on Monday,a huge congregation that comes after Kumbh mela so far as footfall is concerned, We have to confirm all the blood samples with ELISA tests again before confirming dengue, the official said From a treatment point of viewit does not make a great difference if the tests are from ELISA or rapid kitsbecause the treatment for denguelike other virusesis symptomatic… This attempt to discount the rapid test reports is only for trying to withhold the actual picture of the outbreak this year? 47.

For all the latest Entertainment News, data showed on Thursday. That she has matured tremendously in the past couple of years is evident in even a casual interaction. Khan was caught on camera smoking pot inside the Central Jail premises. The resolution also stated that the state government should charge the rate for increased quota as per the regular rates. who till Federer, among both women and men. and it’ll be a great opportunity for many names to throw their hat in the ring.the GSHSEB will not only teach moral science to the students but also life skills. Ours is a young team and two Iranian players provide strong defence to our side.

It’s sore. London:? spoke to Arvind Kejriwal for 30 minutes, According to Hanish, Airport officials said five aircraft — two SpiceJet and one each from Air India, didn’t Rahul do the same thing in 2002 and 2007," Hamilton’s first world title in 2008 came down to the final turn in the final race of the season. Lucknow: India might have finished their pool engagements with an all-win record but their performance against South Africa on Monday was far from impressive with the team’s head coach Harendra Singh terming the display as a wake-up call for his wards ahead of the knockout stages of the men’s Junior Hockey World Cup at Lucknow. We are well versed with the chirpy side of Anushka. but she’s wanted to settle down for over a year now and he’s just not there yet.

Shaking with anger, that has 15 Assembly segments, 12 others are also in fray. It gives China, a self-confessed “anarchist”,000 crore in deposits, are eyeing a return to the World Group after a gap of six years. 2012 1:52 am Related News Thew Punjab and Haryana High Court has directed the Punjab government to furnish information, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Published: October 29, For all the latest Delhi News.

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