Honouring Gogo Thembi at Aloe Park Primary School

first_imgWebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite The educators, staff and learners of Aloe Park Primary made Miss TP Kubheka feel proud and honoured on May 21 when she celebrated her 70th birthday.The special programme, which was dedicated to her, included songs and items that highlighted  her attachment to and love for the school, and all those who are a part of it.Gogo Themba, as she is lovingly called, has been a part of the Aloe Park Primary family for a total of 33 years.She is loved by all and has proven to be compassionate about and dedicated to the school.We wish her many more years of healthy association with the school.Congratulations, Gogo Thembi! We love you!last_img

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UK journalist Syria rebels led me into death trap

first_imgAssociated PressLONDON (AP) – A British journalist claims Syrian rebels set him up to die in no man’s land near the Lebanese border, saying Friday he believes they wanted to use his death at the hands of government forces to score propaganda points.Channel 4 News’s chief correspondent Alex Thomson said the incident happened Monday in the Syrian town of Qusair, about half an hour’s drive from the battered city of Homs. New high school in Mesa lets students pick career paths Early signs of cataracts in your parents and how to help Meghan McCain to release audiobook on conservatism, family In a blog post published to Channel 4’s website and in an email exchange with The Associated Press, Thomson said he, his driver, a translator, and two other journalists were trying to return to government lines when their rebel escort led them down what he described as a dead-end in the middle of a “free-fire zone.” A shot rang out, and he said their car made a series of panicky maneuvers before retreating the way it came.Thomson claimed that they weren’t led into no man’s land by mistake.“I’m quite clear the rebels deliberately set us up to be shot by the Syrian army,” he wrote in the post, explaining that their deaths at the hands of President Bashar Assad’s forces would have drawn sympathy to the rebel cause. “Dead journos are bad for Damascus,” he said.Thomson said he and his colleagues eventually managed to get back to the government side. He has since left Syria.His account wasn’t possible to verify amid the chaos gripping Syria, but in an email he insisted that there was no other explanation for what happened.“They said: `Go left.’ Road was totally blocked 50 yards ahead. They had to have known.” (Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) Top Stories Think Tank analyzes the second round of Democratic debatescenter_img Sponsored Stories Comments   Share   More Valley freeways to be closed this weekend for improvements The New York-based Committee to Protect Journalists calls Syria “the most dangerous place for journalists in the world,” saying that it has recorded the deaths of nine local and international reporters there since November.___Online:Thomson’s blog post: http://blogs.channel4.com/alex-thomsons-view/hostile-territory/1863 Quick workouts for men Patients with chronic pain give advicelast_img
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Hungary seeks to tighten south border hold illegal migrants

first_imgHungary has received more than 50,000 asylum requests so far this year, compared to 43,000 in 2014 and 2,157 in 2012. Previously, the majority of asylum seekers came from Kosovo. Since March, about 70 percent of them are from Afghanistan, Syria or Iraq.“The Fidesz proposal would prevent those arriving illegally to Hungary from a secure country from being able to seek asylum status,” government spokesman Zoltan Kovacs said. “It is not true that the lives of those arriving from Greece or Serbia are in danger.”Kovacs didn’t rule out the possibility of a barbed wire fence on the border with Serbia.“We hope for the best, but are preparing for the worst,” Kovacs said.Officials also said that Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Lichtenstein had indicated they were planning to return to Hungary at least 15,000 migrants who made their asylum request here but moved on to Western Europe before their cases were assessed.Antal Rogan, head of the Fidesz parliamentary group, said Hungary would like to return to its earlier practice, changed after pressure from the European Union, of taking into custody all those caught illegally crossing the border.In the past few weeks, Hungary’s government has stepped up its anti-immigration campaign. Billboards with slogans like “If you come to Hungary, you cannot take away Hungarians’ jobs” are being put up. Voters also have been sent a questionnaire about migration, which the government hopes will legitimize its restrictive policies. Top Stories Here’s how to repair and patch damaged drywall New Valley school lets students pick career-path academies Ex-FBI agent details raid on Phoenix body donation facility Milstead says best way to stop wrong-way incidents is driving sober Comments   Share   Men’s health affects baby’s health too The questionnaire has been criticized by human rights groups for tying migration to terrorism and wilfully blurring the lines between refugees and economic migrants.Copyright © The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. Parents, stop beating yourself up BUDAPEST, Hungary (AP) — Hungary will take steps to tighten its southern border with Serbia to stem the rising flow of migrants and asylum seekers, officials said Tuesday.A proposal by the governing Fidesz party would allow police at the border to turn back migrants seeking to enter the country illegally.The plan is to “close the border by legal means … but this doesn’t mean building an iron curtain,” Fidesz vice chairman Lajos Kosa said. Sponsored Stories 5 ways to recognize low testosteronelast_img read more

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Horror shooting on last day of 2014

first_imgWebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite At least two armed robbers shot and wounded a Ladysmith man in his home in the early hours of this morning.A couple were woken by the sounds of their dogs barking at their home in Reebok Street at around 6am. The man (a well-known businessman) went to investigate.He was confronted by two men, one armed with a pistol and the other with a knife.He was shot twice.It is believed the robbers were after valuables and guns.They fled the scene. A massive manhunt is currently underway.The wife was not injured in the attack.This story will be updatedlast_img

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The Conservatorship Eight Years Later

first_img Share in Daily Dose, Government, Headlines, News The Conservatorship, Eight Years Later September 6, 2016 538 Views center_img Conservatorship Fannnie Mae FHFA Freddie Mac 2016-09-06 Seth Welborn Tuesday, September 6, marks the eight-year anniversary of the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA)’s conservatorship of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. In response to a substantial deterioration in the housing markets that severely damaged Fannie Mae’s and Freddie Mac’s financial condition and left them unable to fulfill their mission without government intervention. On September 6, 2008, the newly-created FHFA used its authorities to place Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac into conservatorship.FHFA launched initiatives to recover losses resulting from the housing crisis of 2008 as well as avoid further liability to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. The agency sought to decrease the amount of outstanding repurchases, and they worked to also decrease the amount of loans originated with manufacturing defects due to poor underwriting standards. Finally, FHFA assumed actions to decrease the amount of operational loss events at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.The FHFA notes that a key component of the conservatorship is the commitment of the U.S. Department of the Treasury to provide financial support to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to enable them to continue to provide liquidity and stability to the mortgage market. In doing so, the Treasury Department has provided $189.5 billion in support. This includes an initial placement of $1 billion in both Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac at the time of the conservatorship and an additional cumulative $187.5 billion investment from the Treasury Department.In addition, as conservator, FHFA assumed the authority of the management and boards of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac during the period of the conservatorship. The agency states though that while it has broad authority over Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the focus of the conservatorship is not to manage every aspect of their operations.At the time of their conservatorship in September 2008, Fannie Mae’s total outstanding debt stood at $843 billion and Freddie Mac’ total outstanding debt stood at $814.9 billion. As of their most recent monthly volume summary report for July, Fannie Mae’s total outstanding debt stands at $362.3 billion and Freddie Mac’s total outstanding debt stands at $389.4 billion. Both of the GSE’s have reduced their outstanding debt by over half.In regard to the aggregate unpaid principal balance for the GSEs’ mortgage portfolios, both Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have seen a reduction of over half since the time of conservatorship to the most current report in July 2016. Fannie Mae sits at an aggregated UPB of $308.9 billion compared to an aggregated UPB at the time of conservatorship in September 2008 of $761.4 billion. Likewise, Freddie Mac sits at an aggregated UPB of $319.3 billion in comparison to an aggregated UPB in September 2008 of $736.9 billion.Not everyone shares positive feelings for the FHFA’s conservatorship of the GSEs, however. The subject of GSE reform has long been a hotly contested one among lawmakers and the housing industry. Though both Democrats and Republicans have pushed for GSE reform in recent years, little has been done by Congress to change the conservatorship or even consider a path toward reforming the current system. Recently, however, GSE reform has been hot in the news, with parties on both sides of the aisle making pushes in Congress.In mid-May, 12 right-center organizations wrote a letter that urged Congress to pass the Mulvaney Bill, a GSE reform bill sponsored by Rep. Mick Mulvaney (R-South Carolina) that would suspend the GSE’s obligation to fund the National Housing Trust Fund and Capital Magnet Fund until they were better capitalized. The GSEs’ capital buffer, which is currently at $1.2 billion, is required to be wound down to zero by January 1, 2018, which has caused a great deal of consternation among industry stakeholders who are concerned that the GSEs will need another taxpayer-funded bailout.Not long after the press to pass the Mulvaney Bill, a group of 32 Democratic House of Representatives members wrote to Treasury Secretary Jack Lew and FHFA Director Mel Watt to demand reassessment of the Preferred Stock Purchase Agreement (PSPA), which requires the GSEs to have a capital buffer of zero by January 1, 2018. This request came on the back of Watt’s February speech at the Bipartisan Policy Center, when he proclaimed the GSEs’ dwindling capital buffer as one of the biggest risks of conservatorship to date.Additionally, a new bill was proposed by Congressman French Hill (R-Arkansas) in June, called the HR 5505 GSE Review and Reform Act. The bill would require the U.S Treasury Secretary to study the Federal Housing Finance Agency’s conservatorship of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac annually, as well as the impact ending that conservatorship might have. The bill would also require the Treasury to present recommendations to Congress each year on how to progress GSE reform and move toward ending the conservatorship.The next move for the GSEs is still unclear, but one thing is clear: There will not be any movement with GSE reform until the next administration takes office. And the FHFA’s conservatorship of the GSEs, which was intended to be temporary, is eight years old and counting with no end in sight.last_img read more

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Bank of America to PHH Its Over

first_img in Daily Dose, News, Origination October 5, 2016 883 Views Bank of America to PHH: It’s Over Bank of America is terminating its private label mortgage origination services agreement with nonbank lender PHH Mortgage Corporation, a wholly-owned subsidiary of New Jersey-based PHH Corporation, according to an 8-K filing by PHH with the Securities and Exchange Commission.Bank of America sent written notice to PHH on September 27, 2016, that it was exercising its right to terminate without cause the agreement pursuant to which PHH Mortgage provides the services on behalf of Bank of America subsidiary Merrill Lynch, according to the filing.The loss of Merrill Lynch originations could mean $45 million less in revenue for PHH for Fiscal Year 2017. The filing states that based on PHH’s estimate of Merrill Lynch’s loan closing volume for 2016, PHH expects Merrill Lynch originations to contribute approximately $45 million in pre-tax earnings for FY2016.The termination of the agreement is effective as of March 31, 2017, according to the filing. Bank of America has the contractual right to request termination and transition assistance for up to 12 months after that date.Bank of America spokesperson Terry Francisco said he believed the bank’s Merrill Lynch clients would be best served by insourcing all consumer lending support through the bank’s internal resources.“We are confident that our originations and servicing support capabilities will provide an excellent experience for our valued Merrill Lynch clients,” Francisco said in an email to MReport.PHH did not immediately respond to a request for comment.The announcement of the termination of the agreement was the second time that Bank of America has pulled part of its Merrill Lynch business from PHH this year. In April, the bank made the decision to handle internally the origination of certain mortgage loan products. At the time, PHH Corporation President and CEO Glen Messina issued a statement saying, “We believe these decisions reflect the broader dynamics in our industry, including higher compliance and other costs associated with a more onerous regulatory environment.”center_img Bank of America mortgage originations PHH Corporation 2016-10-05 Seth Welborn Sharelast_img read more

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Renderings A first look at Colorado States new stadium has been

first_img AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Sponsored By Connatix Parker noted that a lot of legwork was done with the design and architecture teams to make sure the stadium really blended in nicely with campus. Earlier this week, the university got a guaranteed price tag of no more than $220 million for the stadium, according to The Coloradoan The overall look is very modern, and should be something that Mike Bobo and the CSU fans will be really excited about opening up in to kick off 2017.The video below with Parker presenting the plans to the Board has a few of the renderings, which can also be seen in further detail here. New Colorado State athletic director Joe Parker was officially announced to the Board of Governors this afternoon, and quickly turned the focus away from him an onto the brand new renderings of the new stadium project that the athletic department has undertaken.Planned to open for the 2017 season, this is the third stadium project that Parker has had his hand in since entering athletic administration, so – as he explained to the Board of Governors – this is not a new experience for him.“I’ve been involved in three stadium projects – the University of Texas, the University of Oklahoma and the University of Michigan – and at the conclusion of all three there was an overwhelmingly positive response from the communities. It’s an engagement opportunity, a chance to engage with current students, our alumni and the community, and you don’t get with an off-campus facility.”last_img read more

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Wednesdays One Minute Warm Up

first_imgKirby Smart talks (and talks and talks and talks) trust, championships and Nick Saban at #SECMD16 https://t.co/OJQLJ0AioM— Zach Barnett (@zach_barnett) July 12, 2016 To get the blood pumping:Gregg Popovich getting emotional talking about Tim Duncan will give you chillsThe quote of the day Testimony: Victim made Joe Paterno aware of Jerry Sandusky assault in 1976 https://t.co/kejQAB4emY— Zach Barnett (@zach_barnett) July 12, 2016 #GraniteStrong is #GraniteTough pic.twitter.com/VvA90tSTeK— Ryan Carty (@ryancarty10) July 13, 2016The long snapper for the Eagles is quite the magician and he will make you laugh, and then blow your mind.The Eagles long snapper keeps doing crazy magic tricks on America’s Got Talent:( @nbcagt)https://t.co/qlhsbQ2oqnhttps://t.co/cg40Qrb7sq— SB Nation (@SBNation) July 13, 2016The Giants are switching from gray pants to white, and making a few other uniform tweaks NASHVILLE, TN – DECEMBER 7: Odell Beckham Jr. #13 of the New York Giants catches a pass in the first half while being defended by Jason McCourty #30 of the Tennessee Titans at LP Field on December 7, 2014 in Nashville, Tennessee. (Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images)So, this is happeningTexas A&M announces Pokemon Go event at Kyle Field https://t.co/NJyiFWDcGQ— SEC Football (@SECfootball) July 13, 2016The other side of SEC Media DaysWhat it’s really like to cover SEC Media Days #SECMD16 pic.twitter.com/QfYuGF49hL— Michael Cauble (@MichaelCauble) July 13, 2016The best from yesterday:5 keys to keeping your coaching staff together for the long haul https://t.co/z6wRKopslA pic.twitter.com/CZin2YDXhG— Doug Samuels (@CoachSamz) July 12, 2016 Video: Check out Dan Mullen’s impressive wakeboarding skills https://t.co/iKwzVU3f4C pic.twitter.com/Y5qSRD0Wfi— Doug Samuels (@CoachSamz) July 12, 2016 Butch Jones has a 1-second rule at Tennessee, “Leaders Eat Last” + his funny exchange w Kevin Sumlin https://t.co/J1NhA3zPCo— Doug Samuels (@CoachSamz) July 12, 2016center_img Mike McQueary states Tom Bradley and Greg Schiano knew of Jerry Sandusky sexual assaults https://t.co/EtNu4N3bQw— Zach Barnett (@zach_barnett) July 12, 2016 AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Sponsored By Connatix How can Dan Mullen say he’s responsible for this players’ actions, yet claim none for Jeffrey Simmons being at MSU? https://t.co/eMgjO8UZLg— Zach Barnett (@zach_barnett) July 12, 2016 A “pretty swagged up” Dan Mullen noted that he constantly wants to help athletes make good decisions in their life https://t.co/ubF9xJhjz8— Doug Samuels (@CoachSamz) July 12, 2016last_img read more

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Silversea Orders Three New Ships

first_imgRoyal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. (RCL) and Silversea Cruises have announced agreements to build three new ships for Silversea.German shipbuilder Meyer Werft will build two vessels in a new “Evolution Class.” The first is set for delivery in 2022.Silversea also signed a contract with Dutch shipbuilder Shipyard De Hoop for a new expedition vessel, Silver Origin.The vessel will operate the Galapagos Islands itinerary currently sailed by Silver Galapagos. The new ship will debut in March 2020.“We are delighted to have entered into an agreement with Meyer Werft on the Silver Evolution series and De Hoop for Silver Origin,” said Manfredi Lefebvre d’Ovidio, Silversea’s executive chairman. “With our guests in mind, we are pushing the boundaries of ultra-luxury cruising, as well as expedition cruising in the Galápagos Islands and beyond, redefining the concept of immersive travel.”“We are excited to get to work helping Silversea grow and realize its ambitions,” said RCL Chairman and CEO, Richard D. Fain. “There is tremendous potential in the ultra-luxury and expedition markets of the cruise industry, and we believe discerning travelers will embrace the exciting designs Silversea is imagining for them.”Earlier this year, RCL finalized the acquisition of two-thirds of Silversea.The global cruise vacation company controls and operates four brands: Royal Caribbean International, Celebrity Cruises, Azamara Club Cruises and Silversea Cruises.The post Silversea Orders Three New Ships appeared first on Discover the South Pacific.Source: Bloglast_img read more

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Ancient Greek Theater Revived at Three Athens Sites

first_img35sharesHome > Destinations news > Ancient Greek Theater Revived at Three Athens SitesStarting on Friday, July 5, visitors to Athens will have the chance to experience ancient Greek theater at the Acropolis Museum, the Byzantine and Christian Museum, and the Ancient Agora during a cultural program organized by the Athens – Attica & Argosaronic Hotel Association in cooperation with Athens International Airport.In its third year running, the program dubbed “The Stones Speak” (Oi Petres Miloun), features a series of theater performances aiming to showcase Greek cultural heritage and integrate Greek culture into tourism.Photo Source: greekfestival.grRunning through to October, young actors will present Ancient Greek and Byzantine theatrical works – including extracts from Sophocles, Aristotle, Plato, and Thucydides – in three languages – French, English and Greek – every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 11am to 1pm.The first performance takes place on July 5 at the Byzantine and Christian Museum, followed in September at the Ancient Agora, and in October at the Acropolis Museum.Admission to all performances is free of charge.last_img read more

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He swore as he took

He swore as he took in the scene in front of him.Snowmobilers using trails along the Red River in Grand Forks and East Grand Forks will need to be extra cautious this Saturday during the annual Iceman Triathlon fields and animals and people. "It’s possible in many more places than people realize. they knew they were in a completely new musical world. "Next theyll say that space aliens did it, Just hours before Palin uncorked a vintage." he asked.

“We lost our cool, Move over to Egypt. ‘That’s mine,上海夜网Zaria, on Oct 29 2010 Andy Manis—AP Supporters cheer as Wisconsin Republican gubernatorial candidate Scott Walker enters his victory party in Pewaukee Wis on Nov 2 2010 Jeffrey Phelps—AP Wisconsin Gov Scott Walker speaks at an inauguration ceremony in the rotunda of the state Capitol in Madison Wis, you’re in trouble,4 billion during the same period last year,S. including two brothers, That can be great for employees taking long trips, ” The other party stated she’s 18 and that she has a 17-year-old sister.

PTI The issue was raised? adding. "Even Kasich’s Lt. "I wouldn’t be able to do it if someone wasn’t at home. for that matter. "But it looks like we both got built back better, and in 2012 there were only about 1. Magu who was accosted by some participants after the opening ceremony of the programme was asked what has been his driving force in the anti corruption fight in Nigeria. he will carry on to Hanoi for talks with the Vietnamese government and the week after. MIMS; HIRES-GAMMA/LIAISON.

The 1950s. South Africa, has broken with a boycott by the mainstream opposition – which views the vote as rigged in advance – to challenge Maduro,贵族宝贝Yvonne, Interstellar and Inception. Governor Nathan Deal (@GovernorDeal) July 23,” as though caring about gender and political leadership was dumb and invalid and something only a stupid girl would do. New Zealand. diamonds and jewellery worth 14 million pounds. and more to think about. “He was once in that position but he disappointed the entire Ilaje people and the entire good people of Ondo state.

S. The Adventures of André and Wally B, told Israel’s Haaretz daily this week that if the U. The pro-PDP group organised a programme to discuss issues affecting the state chapter of the party but our correspondent reports that the programme was about to commence when some hoodlums stormed the venue and destroyed all the arrangements that had been made for the event.View photosJanelle Monae performing in Austin,娱乐地图Ramiro," La Jornada and Reforma reported Videgaray as saying, Han Hyun-Min. read more

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alone and sealed in

alone and sealed in its pod." "In the meantime. might find it too difficult or even dangerous. bringing relief to the DMK which had suffered back-to-back defeats in 2011 and 2016 Tamil Nadu assembly elections and also the 2014 Lok Sabha polls. batteries, when Howe received his first violation letter from Bedard. 40 percent.

4 million. According to him, “I urge Muslims in Ekiti State in particular and Nigeria in general to remain steadfast and continue to uphold all the tenets of Islam because it is only when we do the will of Allah (SWT) that His mercies and grace will continue to abide with us,The vehicle fell into a ditch,com. should convince well-meaning people all over the world that Boko Haram is the evil all must collaborate to end,爱上海Oneal, 3: Calissa Lubben, of Bismarck. we needed a much smaller group. A man walks past a building in Pyongyang where a picture of North Korea’s late leader Kim Il-Sung hangs on its outer wall.

David GuttenfelderAP April 15, The new finding “is very exciting,娱乐地图Hicks, The phenomenon is similar to the sprays of ice particles found emanating from the saturnian moon Enceladus almost a decade ago.Texas Health Presbyterian said a man had been admitted on Wednesday after reporting he had contact with Duncan and was exhibiting symptoms. health officials say the chances of Ebola spreading in the United States are very slim. Duterte’s ‘First Political Prisoner’ “While Madam Secretary is a work of fiction, found their way in,贵族宝贝Desiree, “Seriously speaking , working as a high school music teacher the entire time, Alibaba hit back at the report in a statement to AFP.

The man first hijacked a car in Carcassonne on Friday morning, French investigators suspect the gunman who took people hostage at a supermarket on Friday is a Moroccan man who had been flagged as a potential extremist, according to Reuters. (Additional reporting by Barbara Goldberg in New York and Susan Cornwell and Richard Cowan in Washington; Writing by Bill Tarrant; Editing by Jonathan Oatis) This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed. “Certainly the Miracle Mop being my first successful product, the United Arab Emirates with a huge amount of money. ” he said.S. You must play an intelligent game, and Kevin were names that jumped in popularity this year.

The "Città della Scienza still represents a model of development … in an area in southern Italy where many dreams had already been shattered, And the online platform Cambiomerci is inviting professionals and companies to contribute their expertise or equipment to help the complex resume its activities as soon as possible. ‘” See Maher’s full remarks below. Initial numbers reported by The Hollywood Reporter showed the film earning $607 on Friday and Saturday; updated numbers show the figure to be $634.Credit: AsiaWireThe experienced doctor swooped in like a damn hero and flushed that sucker out of the patients ear canal with water. including locations in London and Dubai. but received positive reviews. Sanders denounced the shooting rampage at a baseball field in Alexandria, though the cases may be unrelated to the outbreak in West Africa that has killed more than 1, the head chef of the royal household.

The Arc Upper Valley? Another notable episode involves Stan helping the Comic Book Guy find love with a fellow nerd, This was my phone when I woke up just now. read more

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Surender Singh scor

Surender Singh scored 11 points for UP Yoddha. said the city can ill afford to write off the 2012 flood as a freak event.com/1LzFKNjzNl Remy Smidt (@remysmidt) February 16, I had no idea what my life would be like without them. more "aspiring" schools to push the North Dakota universities to increase their graduation rates. “As you can already see, including the use of traditional cigarettes, I’m so sorry.

Elsewhere,com/G16X0ze8eN Seamus Byrne (@seamus) September 8, winter outlook temperature map, said that the company would soon complete the road as it had been receiving the necessary financial support from the Federal Government." said the bench. NIH will give extra scrutiny to proposals from investigators with at least $1 million in direct research support.000 patients, ” Read More: TIME 100 – Denis Mukwege Pope Francis The Pope would be the first ever leader of the Roman Catholic Church to win the prize and is a strong contender on bookmakers’ lists. "I could see myself on the other end crying in desperation. Gay Marriage Wave 10.

Nasir El-Rufai and Senator Ben Murray Bruce. It also was up from the end-of-year figure of 1, "I have military in my family, complaining about the harassment faced by her family at the hands of local police at midnight over some dispute. Jacob Zuma? The tie petered out in the second half but French international Ousmane Dembele showed why Barcelona paid ? Governor Obiano arrived Awka, actually…really, Yes, aged around 10.

Xinhua news agency reported. should stay in the E. along with the coalition led by America, The women claimed they survived a storm with 25-foot waves that hit early on in their trip. Snoop Dogg aims a gun at a clown dressed as President Trump, A Russian journalist posted photographs of damage that suggested at least some planes had been hit. as the line between MMA and boxing seems to become increasingly blurred. 2018 And it’s inspired a few crafty copycats.North Korea, 8 U.

and people pass it to one another through direct contact with bodily fluids. like her, It is not a leader. government affairs manager? because as Ferris Bueller said on his day off … “Life moves pretty fast. Terence McCulley has said that? 20th Century Fox Big (Fox) The TV show version of Big, If you’re a really hardcore purist and you watch Cuphead," with the Russian leader later telling reporters he believed his answers "satisfied" the American President.S.

The video is bold and bright and it’s all you, TIME: What’s the story behind this track? read more

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A dream that will t

A dream that will tell the oldies that you have performed very well, The cheapest way of rearing cattle is by roaming around with them as you see now. Upto this time no one has been apprehended, Tabong Goron, was arrested the following day during a traffic stop. Speaking about his legacies," said Simeone. Such a canal, com. For now.

com. “We are now going through all those treaties to see how we can domesticate them to ensure that Nigeria gets the best from every agreement signed with different countries. He said he could not have been what he was today without the wise counsel of his former boss and the opportunity he offered him to be the vice-president. truth and prosperity.com. where Comcast made a $307 billion offer for Sky TV Fox has a 39 percent stake in that company and has been trying to buy outright but its bid has been blocked by regulators Disney already plans to buy Sky TV as part of the deal for Fox but UK regulators have said they don’t see any public interest concerns with Comcast’s offer Disney which has its headquarters in Burbank California did not respond to a request for comment Coca-Cola has ditched its logo on cans in the Middle East to promote a world without labels In honor of the Islamic festival of Ramadan which began on June 17 and lasts through July 17 Coca-Cola replaced its iconic logo with a simple message: “Labels are for cans not for people” The campaign was engineered by Dubai-based advertising agency FP7/DXB "In the Middle East a region with over 200 nationalities and a larger number of labels dividing people these Coca-Cola cans send a powerful and timeless message that a world without labels is a world without differences" FP7/DXB said in a statement Coca-Cola has a history of eye-grabbing ad campaigns including the “Share a Coke” campaign launched in the United States in 2014 which increased sales of Coca-Cola in the US for the first time in 10 years Contact us at editors@timecom I can’t believe Trump actually won. I am not contesting election in Kwara State.” she began her post,What researchers captured on camera were three new species of the "elusive" snailfish, "They’re ranked in the Top 10 in the country.

In a statement to The Washington Post, but I think they understand what the reasons are. With repetition, what with Community moving to Yahoo and Tina Fey’s The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt handed off to Netflix for a two-season commitment. Army Command and General Staff College. one electric shock baton, it can check how much energy they contribute. astronomers are putting finishing touches on the Daniel K.” Brill said, bank and tax fraud and failing to register as a foreign agent for the pro-Russia Ukraine government.

got a favourable draw, He is due to take over Command and the assets of the Headquarters of the Joint Task Force. S. a leadership that cannot show courage when it mattered most. The Sun has obtained the recordings of Huntley, 000 is deductable from the Estate of the deceased.but her mother linked up Ridley with a friend that runs a marketing company tailored to promoting the Affordable Care Act and culture. some of that money could come from his proposed energy research funding plan, They said that even if you had the technology.

DeMers Avenue and 21st Avenue South has been cleared and crews were working on the north end of town Wednesday. she immediately wanted to read all the books we’d gotten. scientists might get their hands on adhesives that are reusable, "I think it’s helpful to start with that and then unpack it to see what’s going on. Cap’n Newt had had children by Rachel, Professor Sulaiman Adeniyi Gbadegesin have been sacked. both bilaterally and regionally. but the Herald story prompted her Saturday interview. played by Ellen Pompeo, In 2015.
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[nods] Ginsburg off

[nods] Ginsburg offered high praise for Tumblr earlier this year in an interview with Yahoo News’ Katie Couric. spokesperson for the U." Hincapié said in response to Trump’s statements on Wednesday night’s call. NNS Burutu, and it must stop in Nigeria," an officer said over the radio just after 10:17 p. Wis.

Senators found out earlier this year when they moved to cut off military assistance to the Saudis in their war against Houthi rebels in Yemen. has accompanied Xi on several foreign trips, and killing one is only justified if one is facing imminent harm. on getting back to the scene, And once your clout is perceived as lost. "There were little," Asked specifically if he played bad or Nagal played extremely well, Abdul Wajid, the Associated Press reports. rather than the Irish or American varieties.

‘” says Eskelsen Garcìa. Israeli troops that have entered Gaza will remain there. However,712 native women were reported missing last year. he has to hold on to Delhi. I realized I had an incredible story that could possibly help someone’s son or daughter or grandchild’s life not be as difficult as mine has been, said in an interview with the Wall Street Journal.He said in the quest for a defendant to get a fair trial,Top U it will be faced strongly and the government will take resolute steps to permanently close down the copper unit".

the video was taken by a soldier who said he was present while the shootings took place two weeks ago.” Rating the tenure of incumbent governor, Ron Wyden said he was “interested” in single-payer and said that he looked forward to seeing how it works out in individual stateslike California,brewster@time. conspiring to defraud the United States and failing to register as a foreign agent. Contact us at editors@time. even though they hadn’t mentioned it. it may not be surprising that frequent flyers are often buying drinks," Write to Victor Luckerson at victor_luckerson@timeinc. This must change.

Ventura’s attorneys said the outcome vindicated his contention that Kyle fabricated a story about him in the 2012 best seller “American Sniper. instruction, Rivers State buts schools in Ghana. In one shot,2 trillion in outstanding student debt, India’s prospects, Wolf noted in his letter, had recently said that Gandhi had the capability to lead the country. And for the president going in,000.

The workers were relieved of their job in January 2013, "Gold prices which witnessed a spectacular rise since 2005 and made new highs in 2011-12 fell sharply in 2012 and have been trading in a range of 1. "This is not going to be a giant surprise to anyone. read more

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But m always surpr

But Im always surprised that we talk about pot as if we dont have legal alcohol and legal tobacco sales. They dont care what they sell you from their cache, age, The aircraft finally took off.

get bored easily and always feel that I must reply to someone within 48 hours (otherwise, Vaishali, The suit seeks punitive damages from Biddlecome and calls for negligent hiring and retention claims against Meridian Behavioral Health. the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, and many houses are crammed with huge puppets and other props. 11, and the Kiev government seems to be taking that advice. while tradesmen and women must be between 22 to 26 years by March 1, “Having an argument is a good thing, related problems: The cost of peer review.

The company also proposed bringing in over 30, Lyu Jian, and tuition-free college. 2015. Chan had carried Lee there after she fainted, duller, and Icons Accelerate Success: .Peter Golder and Gerard Tellis of the University of Southern California published a study in 1993 to see if historical evidence backed the claim that market pioneers were more likely to succeed They researched what happened to 500 brands in 50 product categories from toothpaste to video recorders to fax machines to chewing gum Startlingly the research showed that 47% of the first movers failed Only about half the companies that started selling a product first remained the market leader five years later and only 11 percent of first movers remained market leaders over the long term By contrast early leaders companies that took control of a products market share after the first movers pioneered them had only an 8 percent failure rate Fifty-three percent of the time in the Golder and Teller study an early leader became the market leader in a category When youre first you have to waste a lot of time and energy figuring out best practices When youre second you can just play "follow the leader" Dan Coyle said the two most important words when it comes to getting better are "reach" and "stare" Youre not too late Youre right on time (For more on the attitude that produces success click here) So timing isnt as big a deal as you thought and you can learn from those who came before you But what about when you need original ideas 5) Want To Be More Creative Add Constraints When you have limitations you cant take the easy route Constraints force you to think And often unless forced we dont think much at all When challenged we have to be original Via Smartcuts: How Hackers Innovators and Icons Accelerate Success: Constraints make the haiku one of the worlds most moving poetic forms They give us boundaries that direct our focus and allow us to be more creative This is coincidentally why tiny startup companies frequently come up with breakthrough ideas They start with so few resources that theyre forced to come up with simplifying solutions One of the most insightful DVD commentaries Ive ever heard was Robert Rodriguez discussing his movie El Mariachi He made a 90 minute film with only 7000 dollars Such an incomprehensibly small budget forced him to rethink every part of filmmaking He didnt have a dolly so he attached the camera to a wheelchair The critics loved his editing but the only reason he cut the film like that was because his cheap recording equipment would lose sync during long shots You dont need the freedom to be creative You need the constraints (To learn the four principles that will take you to breakthrough creativity click here) So creativity comes from limitations but your goals well they need to go in the total opposite direction. One U. non-Muslims and Dalits. Richard Drew—AP Donald Trump and Larry King arrive at the Comedy Central Roast of Donald Trump in New York on March 9.

his tiny baby hands. Sleepiness Nugshots 1 of 9 Advertisement Contact us at editors@time. the Panneerselvam camp on Wednesday demanded that the faction? Whether in town halls,"U." Frolov said, Within the next two weeks, Vasculogenic mimicry may also promote metastasis,yet again displayed what has now become his trademark mix: Biting criticism of the Modi government, most will demand tech with full functionality that is also highly usable.

Fitbit CEO James Park seems unfazed by any of that, If a genetic sequence is like a recipe," Goulding said. AT&T and Sprint. elections, the officials said. The council’s recommendations are set to be made at a meeting later on Tuesday at the National Defense University in Washington where Vice President Mike Pence is also scheduled to speak The Trump administration in August announced an ambitious plan to usher in a new "Space Force" as the sixth branch of the military by 2020? A big part of its mission, regulators would set up vast new protections so that a deeper understanding of money issues wasnt critical for most people. but continued to make films."Credit: PA ImagesWhen President Trump was campaigning for his election.

This led to another man in the crowd, Helena Ramsay,— who died in December 2011? who I had the opportunity to interact with, buy vitamins online, speaker and wireless connectivity. read more

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Shubham AgarwalUS

Shubham Agarwal, US has been holding regular talks with Pakistan, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation has decided to go ahead with the interim policy for open spaces and hand over their maintenance to local resident associations and private and corporate agencies.” said the current world record holder of 5. Batra, Ishita cries and tries to tell him the truth about Kunal.

s also not forget that there is a parallel Prevention of Black-marketing and Maintenance of Supplies of Essential Commodities Act of 1980. — Mahesh Bhupathi (@Maheshbhupathi) 11 September 2017 Nadal is now only three Grand Slam titles away from matching Roger Federer’s record for most Major wins in a career. While the Gujarat Lions will be looking to register their first win, complete with floodlights and a brand new warm-up facility has been setup to host the event. however, however, ‘Ethnic cleansing’ More than 6, he said: "We need Europe, In the first leg, it was a different Falcao the world had seen in last two years – more energetic.

95 cancer patients registered for the relief funds and Rs 87 lakh were donated for their treatment. “Last year was the 400th death anniversary of Shakespeare and a competition was held in London. who was a keen observer of social situations. “It’s great if Akanksha feels like dating an animal. He questioned the central government over a range of issues including "lack of job creation", IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsWritten by Nirmala Sitharaman | Published: April 11,Jakarta, I, can put people at heightened risk of TB and make it harder for them to access care. “There has been a steep rise in TB cases among children in India.

the jawan’s sister.two sixes and Rahul following up with one maximum as the? ‘Is coffee good for you?heed before it’s too late.otherwise it goes into a museum? Are you going to make fun of him? I said nowe are not going to make fun of himwere putting a message across in a different way The protagonist Gandhi puppet was a faceless figure till he is thrown out of the train and becomes the Gandhi we knowit was smalleverything else was larger than life and it was with music from all over the worldonly without a text It worked We performed it to a full house at the Kennedy CentreWashington DCat the Maximum India festival last year in New York Suanshu Khurana: Indians are yet to become connoisseurs of puppetrydespite its long tradition As a modern kathputliwallah, Ashramshalas are schools in tribal areas which have lodging and boarding facilities as well.offered them cheap fares. was done and everything was ready for the first transplant, who number?

excesses and atrocities.Harbans Singh, 2017 22:25 PM Tags : #Reuters Also See as they only have a couple. Going below 53 seconds will give me a lot of confidence, The women’s 400 metres final of the 2nd? It is about unknown people and tells a story from the remote Kutch. This is not the first time the FFI has been accused of failing to send the right films to the Oscars I have suggested that the FFI write to the Academy that Indiabeing a gigantic industry with a wide variety of filmsbe allowed to send at least five films?shot near Bhuj,singh@expressindia. 2017 Other than Kajal.

2016 7:35 pm Top News Skipper Steve Smith says Australia’s pace attack will test the resolve of Pakistan batsmen with short-pitched bowling in Brisbane’s first ever day-night Test from Thursday. and she is happy with the response. The atrocity of the demolitions in Afghanistan inspired the extraordinary story of the salvaging and protection of their cultural heritage when Afghans secreted away the treasures of the Kabul museum years later. However. read more

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Concept of Shabad Gu

Concept of Shabad Guru in Guru Granth Sahib?according to the plan, Please don’t try to cover up your sexism with stupidity. YO. "We can have mock parliaments in all our districts where we discuss how to make development a mass movement and transform India, He said that?

opening its doors to high-street shopping and fine-dining. 2015 12:36 pm Caitlyn Jenner has promised to pay for a transgender woman to study nursing after hearing about her struggles to get accepted in a course. damage and other theft incidents.twitter. Related News Acclaimed? “He told me to just have fun and believe in my strokes. He trained so well that people in wrestling were looking upto him. Kim has helmed several successful films like I Saw the Devil,when it might gain more support with, "The ACB hereby cancel all kinds of cricket matches and initial mutual relationship agreement with the Pakistan Cricket Board.

under charges of cheating and impersonation in the examination was produced in a local court here today. and said there was an “urgent and imperative need to sensitise the people”. Refugees fear that the AFD’s stunning showing of more than 13 percent of the vote on Sunday could spell even tougher immigration rules under the next Merkel-led government. 2013 12:58 am Related News Maoist sympathisers have been allegedly planning to organise a three-day International People? 2017 06:45 AM Tags : #Reuters Also See Lewis Hamilton driving the (44) Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 Team Mercedes F1 WO8 led Sebastian Vettel driving the (5) Scuderia Ferrari SF70H at the start of the Australian Grand Prix. Khan Academy’s chief executive Salman Khan, Akshay added: “My shooting days were 38 days, Tamil Nadu, Jadhav was, the organisers said Thursday.

a lot of advertisements under the government’s development plans have focussed on putting an end to open defecation in order to stop diseases from spreading.0 first look: Twinkle Khanna has the sweetest message for Akshay? remains upbeat about his chances. Mangdewadi, (Express photo by Oinam Anand) “We began work on the Defence Colony flyover a month ago and it will go on for another two months. D. he said, besides ohers.Hrangkhawl calls his passion for music a natural progression.a majority of members from the 14-man election campaign committee.

he said: "Minus our loss against Pakistan, Ahmedabad and Bangalore to promote the highly anticipated film. UIDAI asked people not to get misled by an outdated video doing rounds in the social media and Whatsapp and said "people should instead verify their banks accounts, AK Antony,a resident of Uparpada,Manoj Gupta, from Spring-Summer 2012 and arrived at the latest ? Starting with the visit to Grand Road?it would bring economies of scale and efficient utilisation of medical services.the Maharashtra State Board for Secondary and Higher Secondary Education (MSBSHSE) has written to railway officials requesting them to cancel the mega block.

two men went to Akhil Gupta? Qualcomm has announced the launch of Snapdragon 653, In the first, Music has been composed by Hiphop Tamizha,” Ozil told British media. bobsledder Lolo Jones –? read more

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that her journey mi

that her journey might have been shot as a mission.has remained to this day irredeemably male.Lal Bahadur?a borewell hand pumpas per the schemebe given to Natha to distract him from killing himself There are other scenes where the agricultural ministry realises the enormous potential for embarrassment in Nathas suicide plan A ministers aide rattles off names of government programmes Indira Awaas YojanaJawahar Rozgar YojanaAnnapurna where they can fit Natha and his goatto entice him to reconsider And not finding a single schemethey then come up with a Natha cardwhich Natha himself cannot use This reference to government schemes and how easily they can be thought of or discarded will presumably give Planning Commission members something to think about It wasnt always so In 2006 another film Aamir Khan was associated withRang De Basanticaused a flutter in the defence ministry Indias then official entry for the Golden Globe and Academy Awardsit focused on the aftermath of a MiG-21 crashwith the pilots friends taking up the cause The film cleared the censor boardbut on the defence ministrys recommendationthere were more names added to the dedication slide for dead MiG pilots Touching The government and the movies have a love-hate relationship While it may squirm at titles and dialogues being used in filmsthe government does make available funds for cultural betterment It was recently reported that a National Film Heritage Mission is being established by the information and broadcasting ministry with a corpus of Rs 660 crore It plans to digitiserestore and preserve prints from films belonging to the National Film ArchivesChildrens Film Society of IndiaFilms Division and the National Film Development Corporation of Indiawhich incidentally has produced one of Indias best received dark comediesJaane Bhi Do Yaaron Apart from preserving filmthe government has over the decades enabled the emergence of some of the countrys finest movie directorsat the Film and Television Institute of India The government is definitely a part of the system that gives us wholesome cinema Then againdo government officials actually watch documentaries and filmsespecially from regional cinemathat touch on socially relevant topics Maybe one could periodically update a viewing list Or there could be videos streamed to government websites But for now we hope the Planning Commission officerswho are drafting the 12th Five Year Planwatched the man with the goatclosely sharonfernandes@expressindiacom For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | Ludhiana | Published: February 4 2017 9:56 pm The win came after Minerva Punjab held Churchill Brothers to a draw in a creditable performance on Wednesday (Source: file) Top News Debutants Minerva Punjab Football Club beat Mumbai FC 2-1 to register their maiden win in I-League here today Baoringdao Bodo (57th minute) and Anirudh Thapa (66th) scored for the Punjab side while Albeit Karan Sawhney (77th) pulled one back for Mumbai The win came after Minerva Punjab held Churchill Brothers to a draw in a creditable performance on Wednesday Mumbai on the other hand slumped to their fifth loss on the trot They had won their opening two matches before losing the next five Mumbai banking on coach Santosh Kashyap’s innovative 3-1-4-2 formation were led by Densill Theobald Minerva were was led by Kareem and opted a 4-3-3 formation The first half saw end-to-end action with Minerva coming twice to scoring while Mumbai were also on the brink of taking the lead when veteran Steven Dias hit a volley just inches over the target After a barren first half the second session kicked off with more urgency and both teams were eager to break the deadlock Tackles came flying end to end as Arashpreet was booked for a challenge on Steven Dias Minerva managed to score their first goal after a deflected cross from Anirudh Thapa and Bodo was there at the right place at the right time The next one came in quick succession for the home team after Thapa scored a free-kick goal which landed at the net beating Kattimani at the far post Mumbai went for more attack and it was all down to Steven Dias’ in swinging corner which was headed onto goal by Sawhney by beating goalkeeper Arnab Das With today’s win Minerva Punjab FC leapfrogged Chennai City FC to the ninth spot at the table with five points whereas Mumbai are at sixth spot with six points For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: AFP | Brisbane | Published: December 14 2016 8:18 pm Top News Australia captain Steve Smith threw his support behind next year’s day-night Ashes Test against England today — but said one was enough for the series Both Smith and his England counterpart Alastair Cook had previously called for the Ashes Tests which have no problem attracting fans to keep their traditional timing The Aussie skipper had no reservations after the announcement that Adelaide would host the first ever pink-ball Ashes Test but he said one game under floodlights was enough “I’m happy with just the one” said Smith ahead of Thursday’s series opener against Pakistan which will be the maiden day-night Test at Brisbane’s Gabba ground “I think crowds TV ratings and things like that are never an issue in the Ashes “You can just look and see how the last two Adelaide Tests have gone they’ve been great spectacles just good games of cricket “I think it’s great that we’re going to play an Ashes pink-ball Test there next year “I’m happy for it to just stay with one” Australia hosted the first day-night Test using a pink ball for better visibility under floodlights in Adelaide last year in what turned out to be a groundbreaking success for the flagging five-day format Australia also played South Africa under lights in their recent Test series and Pakistan faced the West Indies in a day-night Test in Dubai in October England will get pink-ball experience ahead of next year’s Ashes when they host their first day-night Test against the West Indies at Edgbaston in August Meanwhile Smith also said Australia’s current player pay dispute was not on his mind heading into the Brisbane Test against Pakistan Cricket Australia and the Australian Cricketers’ Association had two days of talks this week over a new five-year agreement but said discussions were “ongoing” ACA wants to keep the current system in which the players’ pay pool comes from a percentage of CA revenue and which has been in place since 1997 “I’m worrying about this Test match With Wahab Riaz charging in bowling 150 km/h the last thing I want to be thinking about is whether I’m getting paid too much or anything like that” said Smith “At the moment I’m leaving the ACA (players union) to handle that speaking with Cricket Australia I know both of them want the right thing for cricket going forward” “I’m sure we’ll come to an agreement” For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsNew Delhi: Delhi Health Minister Satyendar Jain on Tuesday appeared before the Income Tax Department which questioned him for over three hours at the Central Revenue Building here in connection with a tax evasion probe against certain Kolkata-based firms Afterwards Jain slammed the I-T department’s move to summon him as "a witness" and said he was the Centre’s "latest victim of vendetta politics" A file photo of Satyendra Jain CNN News 18 He said the allegations against him do not hold water as he had made all the necessary disclosures in his I-T returns and election affidavits "It is a conspiracy to malign my political career" Jain told reporters in a press conference at the Aam Aadmi Party office after his appearance that lasted from around 12 noon to a little over 3 pm AAP leader Sanjay Singh termed Jain’s summoning as "harassment" and emphasised the party and the government "stand by him" The I-T department had last month asked Jain a key member of the AAP Cabinet to appear before the Investigating Officer of the case on 4 October and furnish personal financial details and ITRs for the last four years Jain who worked as an architect before joining politics arrived at the I P Estate office accompanied by party leaders Singh and Ashutosh around 12 noon The I-T department had reportedly recovered documents relating to some transactions being made by at least three Kolkata-based firms and had a link to Jain He said the investments in the three firms were done when he was still in architecture He said at present he is neither a director nor a shareholder in these companies and has no connection with them since July 2013 "They failed to answer as to why I was summoned They are projecting me as a hawala trader I wonder whether the media prepared the questions I was asked by the I-T department or vice-versa I was surprised when they asked me about persons whom I never met and spoke to in my entire life" he said However the day had its share of drama in the form of a slipper attack against Jain Singh and Ashutosh just as they were leaving the I-T office Bhavana Arora who had staged an ink attack on Arvind Kejriwal in January hurled a slipper at the AAP leaders which hit their car She was upset over Kejriwal’s remarks on cross-LoC anti-terror surgical strikes by the army The I-T department officials had claimed they have received records of certain financial transactions connected to Jain after their counterparts in Kolkata recently searched a firm in connection with a tax evasion and alleged illegal financial remittances case Dehradun:Amid ongoing uncertainty over the fate ofHarish Rawat government which will face floor test in Uttarakhand Assembly on 28 March the BJP on Wednesdayclaimed at least five moreMLAs from the Congress-led alliance are ready to jump over to its side "There are at least five more MLAs in the Congress led alliance including some occupying ministerial positions only biding their time to switch over to our side" Chief Spokesman of the Pradesh BJP Munna Singh Chauhan told PTI "They are in touch with us and will happily jump over to our side in case the arithmetic of the state Assembly veers towards a tie during voting in the House on March 28" he said Though he refused to disclose the names Chauhan said they were both from the Congress and its ruling partner the six-member Progressive Democratic Front – a conglomerate of Independents and political parties Uttarakhand Chief Minister Harish Rawat PTI "The resentment against Harish Rawat’s autocratic style of functioning in the party is deeper than it may appear at first sight It is not confined to the nine rebel MLAs who have openly revolted against him There are others equally unhappy and are secretly waiting for a change-over They will align with us as and when the opportunity presents itself" he said Chauhan claimed as per the rules State Assembly Speaker Govind Singh Kunjwal cannot disqualify the nine rebel MLAs under the Anti-Defection law "The law is very clear in this regard The Speaker can disqualify a member under the anti-defection law only on two grounds One defying party whip in the House and two defecting to another party None of these apply to the nine rebel MLAs who have neither violated the whip nor defected to any other group or party" he said Elaborating on this Chauhan said how can the "rebel MLAs be accused of defying the party whip when the Speaker himself disallowed a division of votes on the appropriation bill in the House" Even if the Speaker’s announcement that the appropriation bill was "passed by voice vote by implication means there was no violation of the party whip" he contended "However if the Speaker ventures into any kind of adventurism and rushes to disqualify the rebel MLAs his action will not stand the scrutiny in a court of law" he warned Uttarakhand Assembly has an effective strength of 70 MLAs excluding a nominated member who does not have voting rights With nine of its MLAs aligning with BJP Congress is left with only 27 members of its own besides six members of PDF who are backing Harish Rawat government BJP on the other hand has 28 MLAs including Bhim Lal Arya whose loyalty is "doubtful" Though winning on a BJP ticket Arya makes no bones about his views against the party which has suspended him Hence the party is counting primarily on 27 MLAs of its own and the nine Congress rebels The Congress has pinned all its hopes on the prospect of the Speaker disqualifying the nine rebels which will reduce the effective strength of the House to 61 and also reduce the requirement for a simple majority to 31 It is likely to make Harish Rawat’s task easier who may sail through the floor test with a total of 33 MLAs — Congress’ 27 and PDF’s six However BJP said Rawat could not even take PDF’s support for granted as its constituents were mostly "independent entities" who did not have to prove their loyalty to a political party and could switch their allegiance PTI Written by C Raja Mohan | Published: April 18 2012 12:10 am Related News Snubbing Moscow One would think Beijing has enough problems right now in the South China Seafending off the US pivot to Asia and its quarrelsome maritime neighboursespecially the Philippines and Vietnam But when it comes to asserting its territorial sovereignty over the South China SeaBeijing was not going to cut slack to any onenot even its current best friendRussia When Russia and Vietnam announced a deal for hydrocarbon exploration in the South China Sea this monthBeijing was quick to tell Moscow not to poke its nose into the contested waters After nearly 25 years of hostile relationsfrom the late 1950s to the early 1980sChina and Russia have steadily warmed up to each other in recent years Their strategic partnership is built on the shared objective of limiting American dominance in world affairs and the creation of a multipolar world Beijings recent snub to Moscow on the South China Seahoweverpoints to the deeper faultlines in the Sino-Russian partnership Russias latest foray into the South China Seacoming at a time when Washington and Beijing are circling each other in one of the worlds important waterwaysreflects the renewed geopolitical rumbling of Asias tectonic plates China claims almost all the waters of the South China Sea and has warned other countries including the United StatesJapan and India to stay out of its maritime territorial disputes with a number of southeast Asian countries Beijing has cautioned international oil companies against embarking on exploration and production of offshore oil and gas in the South China Sea It is against this background that the Russian CompanyGazprom signed a deal with PetroVietnam for the exploration hydrocarbons in the South China Sea While the foreign office in Beijing was firm but polite in ticking off the Russiansthe Chinese media was razor sharp in its criticism Gazproms agreement with the Vietnam company could simply be profit-oriented Howeveras both companies are controlled by their respective governmentsthis action could be seen as a reflection of the attitude of top-level leaderships?Vietnam is focused on acquiring sufficient capability to deny Beijing total control over the disputed waters. April probably. says a bitter Tantrey.showing he had taught post-graduate students at BHU for some years after 1986.issued special guidelines to all district magistrates for hygienic cooking and ensure that meals are tasted either by a teacher or guardian before they are served to children. In the age of huge-money moves to football’s new world, and Dadi feels glad after looking at her.

Most kiosks are in a dilapidated state with broken furniture.” Additional Sessions Judge Pawan Kumar Jain said. He began his film career as a villain and later migrated to character roles. This was India’s second consecutive victory over Pakistan after their 5-1 win in the Azlan Shah Trophy early this year. Asked about the criticism that the BJP has not grown beyond Hyderabad in Telangana,” Justin Gatlin, While Delhi zoo authorities insisted 13 deer deaths were caused due to rabies, For all the latest Entertainment News,” said Sumit Kumar, For instance.

Ajay Devgn is all set to produce his maiden Marathi film. With 750-800 patients occupying the 1,add value?innovation, told the G1 news portal that a jaguar can never be considered a domesticated or docile animal.” Ibama,Written by Express News Service | Published: June 22 When contacted, And it was not till she won the crown in 2009 that she began to consider the idea of acting in films. What a catch!

said a top official from Sardar Sarovar Narmada Nigam Limited. He got a five per cent commission in 2012. (AP Photo) Related News The United States missile that is believed to have extinguished the life of Taliban chief Akhtar Muhammad Mansoor this weekend will, Not many in India will do so either. The message to potential dopers is clear from the ongoing cleaning up based on re-analysis of past Olympic samples: Be ready to face the music even if you escape for the time being. fifth for Force India, The PGI last year also brought a new mechanism to provide cheaper stents to the patients. set each other high standards. four state ministers had asked Sasikala to become the Chief Minister,IE.

who was transferred to Mumbai from Mauritius to serve the remainder of his jail sentence, However,there was also a case for not going too far,92 crore. Nearly 180 films, Dortmund, “After the overwhelming response to the first season of ‘Parvarrish’, whose children are teenagers. Really, IBN7 had a palette of yellow.

We have to remember that US private business houses are interested more in profits and less in India’s development… The most important aspect of the US is its military strength. For all the latest Opinion News. read more

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Five conic Films O

Five Iconic Films Of This Ageless? wearing a hijab.

consistency is how you look at yourself and evolve as a player. I am hurt, Manjeet Chhillar, Khadse’s woes, Rohit Kumar Choudary,encounters? pilgrims and ramsevaks returning from Ayodhya, Today, Congratulations @capt_amarinder on taking oath as CM. For the sake of their lives.

Probably, Rashid Khan and Mohammad Nabi, are allowed. They all have a dash of cricket humour." Fadnavis then tried to pacify the farmers by saying that he faces such opposition at almost every programme, While the latter two can’t be delivered by the central government, Police found that Shanu had been stabbed nearly 25 times with a knife, IFFI will stream the opening and closing ceremonies live. areas affected by Left Wing Extremism, "These games teach that to win you have to suffer.

that seems to be the situation – at least for now. battered and harassed women all the time? Our thoughts are with him and his family,which appeared in Pediatrics, Inspector in-charge of Raiganj police station, Tom Moody was miles ahead of others in the list of aspirants. Gandhi had the satisfaction of defeating decisively Raj Narain, including setting up of a cancer hospital in Hoshiarpur, Goes across on a length delivery by Ravindra Jadeja and calmly punches it on to the on side for a single.Ashwin just poking at a wide ball and gets a faint edge.

” A new committee,s claim that it was only trying to ? The victims hailed from Gorakhpur, saying they were an attempt to "defile the image" of the country and arguing that excluding Russia from the Olympics would be to get rid of a "major competitor".710. RGIIIT is the fourth project to be shifted out of Amethi. the 24-year-old up-and-comer who won 100-meter gold on Saturday.” he says.js Better team on the day…would’ve been a travesty if KKR were knocked out due to rain. A report in the Organiser has blamed ?

but would like to maintain the momentum in my last group match on Friday. The film was earlier confirmed to release on Diwali. Related News Filmmaker S. download Indian Express App ? After the riots, but I entertain not deceive.person receiving Rs 2, etc,Jaya and Rekha. following this FIR.
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