Neighbours vs Canada Post

Push back against community mailboxes in one Hamilton mountain neighbhourhood ended peacefully Saturday.After much protest, Canada Post installed a superbox at Brucedale and East 34th Street.Some residents here have been keeping a 24 hour watch on this site for about a week to prevent Canada Post from putting up a superbox but after some negotiations, it was installed Saturday morning.Canada Post contacted Hamilton police about today’s work at Brucedale and East 34th after resident Rick Davidson was arrested and charged with mischief last time contractors tried to install the boxes.Last month a judge ruled that a Hamilton bylaw meant to regulate the installation of the unpopular community mailboxes, violated Canada Post’s jurisdiction on the matter. Hamilton city council has voted to appeal.There are still two more mailboxes to be installed – both on Miles Rd. Canada Post says they’re still looking at ways to make them safely accessible. read more

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