Build accurate 3D models quickly without compromise with great flexibility

first_imgSimio, developer of 3D simulation software, has welcomed German firm SAT Simulations- und Automations-Technologie as a partner. SAT, headquartered in Freiburg, is a global consulting company with special focus on the systematic use of discrete event simulation, system dynamics, agent-based modelling, and optimisation techniques. “SAT has a reputation as global leader in simulation and optimization,” said Simio Founder and CEO Dr. Dennis Pegden. “With SAT Simulation-based Complexity Management, they open up new paths in times of high risk and uncertainty for enterprises. Simio is honoured that our simulation technology will drive this method as the core engine.”Simio is object-oriented simulation software offering intelligent objects and the ability to model any system rapidly without compromise. It was created by a team of experienced simulation software developers led by Pegden, former founder and CEO of Systems Modeling Corp. Simio is built on .NET technology, has built-in integration with Google 3D Warehouse, and was designed to be both powerful for advanced users and easy for beginners.“With today’s financial and economic crisis, it is absolutely fundamental that we have Simio available as a simulation tool that can be efficiently applied in such diverse fields such as factory and supply chain optimisation, markets as complex-adaptive systems, or portfolio simulation as well as socio-economical applications,” said Dr. Thomas Arzt, CEO and President of SAT. “We are happy to have Simio as a powerful core engine of our method SAT Simulation-based Complexity Management. With its unique approach Simio provides exactly the appropriate technique which, combined with optimisation technologies of Operations Research, supports holistic thinking and, therefore, give the executive level an outstanding navigation tool at hand.”Simio is a unique multi-paradigm modelling tool that combines the simplicity of objects with the flexibility of processes to provide a rapid modeling capability without requiring programming. Simio can be used to predict and improve the performance of dynamic, complex systems in mining, lean-six-sigma and other disciplines.Simio’s straightforward drag-and-drop interface allows users to create models quickly and easily — giving new users a glimpse into the future of their designs. Simio breaks down the walls of traditional object-oriented simulation software and lets the user rapidly build accurate 3D models and objectively analyse alternatives to reduce risk and improve performance. In short, Simio is simulation software with superior flexibility and the ability to quickly model systems without compromise. Simio is rapid modelling without programming.Simio is a private company headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. SAT is a worldwide operating simulation and optimisation consulting company dedicated to the systematic application of Discrete Event Simulation, System Dynamics, Agent-Based Modelling, and Optimisation Techniques.last_img read more

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